I Can't Upload More Than 3 Photos At A Time

Hey everyone.

So I reported this issue a while ago, but it’s still been happening ever since. Every time I try to upload more than 3 photos at once, I get this message:

I can put more than 3 images in a post, I just can’t upload them all at the same time. It hasn’t been bothering me much recently, because I haven’t been posting too many photos, but as I continue to get back into threads like “Just Gorgeous” or “Actual LOL Moments from DC Comics”, it’s starting to annoy me a lot more.

Is there any way we could upload more than 3 photos at a time, or do we have to keep going chunk by chunk?

Hey @Jurisdiction! :wave:

Unfortunately, I don’t have an update for you on this issue, but I’ll bring this back up to our technical support team and see if any cause / solution has been identified. Thanks for bringing this to our attention again! :orange_heart:

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Thank you so much @Shayera.Hol!

In short, yes there’s a way, but it’s not a feature we plan to implement as the financial cost for it is significant.

Multiple forums share the same server as us. Because of this, the server has limitations on the load that any individual can put on the server at any given time. If we wanted to remove this limit, we would have to rent an entire server specifically to host the forums on.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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