I am SO glad Diana called Bruce out

That last scene in Young Justice…WOOF. It was this glaring moment of contrast between core League members. Batman is ruthless, and will use subterfuge and misdirection without a second thought, where Diana is Truth incarnate, and things got REALLY uncomfortable in the Batcave.


Yeah same, but it just seems so desperate of Batman and everyone and even out of character. But aside from that, I really can’t stand that Dr. lady that told Violet she’s going to die. I’m pretty sure she’s evil but even if she isn’t she’s still so annoying

They gave to play the game, Batman recognizes that and so is helping the team. Luthor has long held public approval although he’s evil and it was time for a little payback. I say it was justified, the only line batman knows is murder


Seems perfectly in character for someone who is a paragon of Truth.

It does lead me to worry about Batman (and Batman Inc.) though…where are their heads at?

Batman needed to level the playing field politically. Lex has been killing them on that end along with the PAID FOR G. Gordon. I understand that it wasn’t the most “honorable” move but it got the results they needed.

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@Sakraman Exactly, it was a necessary evil. Just like how wonder woman can kill when needed, batman can do this

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I get the feeling it’s goin to backfire somehow

Bruce’s actions are justified. You’re not gonna win a war against a well run criminal org like the Light by playing fairly.