I am leaving [x]


I downloaded DC+ (DCUniverse streaming app) for Young Justice. I loved that show, also Teen Titans (just had’ta throw that there). I waited till the season was fully available and binged for 5 days. I knew that I had two days left, so I decided to watch reruns. On the last day before my free week was over, I thought, I’ll keep it for a month. Young Justice earned my money, plus I can give the Doom Patrol show a shot. That month, I mostly watched stuff, I haven’t watched in years (Nostalgia!). Time passed.

For Xmas, my partner got a tablet, I tried using it for reading comics on DC+. It was a hassle at first but I soon learned to maneuver it a bit. (((Frankly, I still have problems. It’s annoying to spend time downloading a comic, to read later, offline, and it won’t let me because I’m “offline.” Like isn’t that the point of downloading it? To read it, OFFLINE.))) But, thankfully this isn’t a huge problem and it’s gotten way better since Oct 2019.

It was a slow burn, but I then decided to go to the community section and it was refreshing. I haven’t nerded out with people in years. Long story short, life. The community taught me about James Tynion IV’s run on Detective Comics. I read it. Couldn’t get enough.

See, long story shorter version, I was balancing 3 jobs (yes seriously, I live in LA) while being a father and trying to get into grad school. In truth, I can’t tell you how much joy this app brought me. However, once COVID 19 happened, I lost 2/3 jobs plus the 1 job severely cut my hours. We were using money from my savings account. I wanted to delete the app to save some money. I hesitated because I enjoyed it. The more the time passed, the more I would think about it, and the less I would use the app. Currently, so much is going on, politically, socially, and in my personal life. I have no time for DC+.

Thus, today is my last day. I wanted to post sooner and ask the community what they think I should enjoy before I finally cancel my subscription, but I was busy. I just wanted to say thanks to this community. Because honestly, I was a hardcore Marvelite in the Blue Vs Red nerdome. Unfortunately, the Disneyfication of Marvel gave me a bad taste in my mouth. However, DC+, made me love super hero stories again. DC+, helped me rediscover my love for comic books, of reading, sharing, discussing, and frankly my love for the DC Universe. The old shows gave me so much nostalgia. The new shows brought back wonder. The comics left me awestruck.

–I still want to watch the 2nd season of Doom Patrol, finish Priest’s run on Deathstroke, read more Snyder, because I am infatuated with his run on Justice League, and post in the community. The reality is, not now. I hardly use it. It is not the time. I hope to come back in Oct. or Sept., depends, situations. Buttah, I just wanted to say thank you and bye because, well, you never know. Thanks for reading. Stay blessed.


Best of luck to u man we will miss you.


I hope you’ll be able to renew your subscription later. Until then, you will still have access to the community section if you want to continue participating in conversations!


Good luck. Hope everything goes well. :+1:

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I wish you the best of luck and I’m sending you all the positive vibes I can! I think the community is still free to access, so hopefully we still see you around! :blush:

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Wait no! Please don’t leave! We have a bunch of other things for you to do like watch read and etc! Please, just try to look for something omg! Will you return though, one day?

@LegionX, this was a beautiful and heartwarming read, even if it was sad at the same time. As others have mentioned, you can still access this community you love for free, without a subscription.

And when you have the time and do want to come back, feel free to reach out to the moderation team. I’m sure we can work something out.

In the meantime, I’ve promoted you to Clearance Level 3, which gives you access to our Iceberg Lounge: VIP Area. This is where we have random conversations about anything and everything, not just DC. It’s a great place to visit when you feel out of touch from the comic world, but just want to chat with some nice people.

Hope to see you around soon, and best of luck with all the challenges of this crazy world. You have to take care of # 1. :heart: