I am gonna binge The Batman when it comes Feb 8th

Thanks you guys so much who make this possible. It’s one the shows I grew up with. Haven’t watched it in some time so I will binge it


Same. Haven’t watched either lol.

I’ll binge the season 5 episodes with the Justice League for sure.


Yeah I love that show I’m the one who kept asking for it. I’m going to binge it

I must confess: I was an angsty teen when The Batman first came out and I hated the look of it compared to what I’d grown up with as a younger kid, B:TAS. I refused to watch it. I’ve been thinking about watching it when it comes to DCU.

whats coming out in febuary anyway i keep checking the watchtower and dont see anything :confused:

Awesome. I dont know if it’s coming to this app, but there is also a movie from this series called “the Batman meets Dracula” and it’s pretty great. Vampire Joker!


All you guys are in for a treat


The Batman vs. Dracula is a fun movie. Peter Stormare was a suitably creepy Dracula and the movie itself was suitably creepy where it needed to be. It’d be rad to see it here sometime.


Dude, it’s coming? For real?

Hell yeah!

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I’m looking forward to it - it’s one of the few DC animated series that I never got to watch.

@Ianm, It’s has a list of very cool moments. Season 5 is all about Batman and the Justice League

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Same I will be binging as well

I never got to finish watching The Batman when it originally aired so I’m looking forward to doing so now that it’s on here.

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