Compared to how Ridley written Jace, despite it being said in text that he’s not trying to prove anything, Jace as Batman is frequently written to be a guy who wants his Batman to be more like a activist, to send a message to police, people, and criminals that he isn’t interested in stopping just crimes but also breaking institutional problems around it.

Yep, and that’s even more of a reason why Jace should create his own identity.

I imagine if Ridley had his way he would have had Jace have his own identity in the overall Bat family. But DC at the time were doing the “5G” thing and wanted a Black Batman.

I like both characterizations but I prefer to have a hero like Luke Fox.

They should probably do another Batwing book. It’s not like they’re shy about doing Bat-books. :smiling_face:

Briefly on that: I saw on the CBR forums the other day that someone had counted up the Bat-books in the August solicitations, and there were 38 Bat-tiles and 21 titles for everyone else. I’ll go with what they said because I don’t care enough to count them myself, but that is high even for Batman. 64% is really up there, usually the high mark is in the mid-to-upper 40s, I believe.

But yeah, Luke is still Batwing for the most part, I believe. So they could try out a mini or something, see if it does well, and if does, do another series. And have the two brother’s different approaches be want differentiates the two books.

While I do hate the concept of two Batmen, I highly doubt we will see Jace Fox stop being Batman because of the recent addition of the future state characters to see editorial and writer backstep on the character any time soon.

My best guess is after I am Batman series ends either in Issue 18 or 25 that Jace Fox will continue his time as Batman in a relaunch of the Batman and the outsider title. John Ridley has a pretty good perspective on what the outsiders were all about in other history of the dc universe, and Jace is under the tutelage of Katana to provide a interesting dynamic we hadn’t seen from either character.

A new BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS is something I never thought about.

I suppose they could try that out too in a mini and see how it does.

A few thoughts on the “Future State” characters: of the three, I feel that Yara Flor works the best. And what I mean is in relation to Wonder Woman, to Diana.

Since Yara’s character is Wonder Girl, everything is seamless to me with her. Like marketing-wise, there is no confusion. This is Wonder Woman, and this is Wonder Girl. Simple.

Jon is really tricky to me since they’re calling him Superman. If they had given him another name, then sure, he and his father can easily coexist. This is Superman, and this is… whatever name that they could have come up with for Jon.

Calling them both Superman is like, “Okay, how does this work? Which one is really Superman?”

And I think that’s where we’re in agreement on with Jace and the two Batman’s… Batmen.

Which one is really Batman? Obviously it’s Bruce. So yeah, how long are they going to do this two of them thing?

Going back to your relaunch of the OUTSIDERS idea, this is something I can see too. It would be a bit of a demotion for Jace, going from a solo to a team book, but I could see it.

I’ll of course just go with relaunching Jace into his own solo series. Maybe call it SECOND SON? :smiling_face:

You could maybe even relaunch him as the Vigilante.

VIGILANTE: SOUTHLAND was pretty cool, I thought.

The VIGILANTE: SOUTHLAND Vigilante, Donny Fairchild, is in California. The Adrian Chase Vigilante was in New York though, of course. And Jace is already there, so hey… :smiling_face:

And I’m kidding about relaunching him as another Vigilante, but relaunching him as something other than a Batman is definitely the way to go, I think.

Otherwise, they’ll be two characters going by Batman. One is the real one, and the other one is “the Black one.” That’s simply unsustainable long term, I think.

If they had gone through with 5G and aged out and phased out Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, and continued to publish them in prestige Black Label series (which was the plan, I believe), then that would be one thing.

But since 5G didn’t happen, you gotta do something different.

And like with everyone else, the inertia of sales will determine what happens with Jace.

I AM BATMAN #1 did about 62,000, according to Comichron. (The ICV2 numbers are behind a paywall, so I’m not sure what those are, but I imagine they’re similar.)

I AM BATMAN #1 did do better than I AM BATMAN #0; that did about 49,000, I think.

62,000 is not good for a #1 of a Bat-book, I don’t believe. But it is good for a solo book with a Black lead character. And traditionally solo books with Black lead characters have never sold well. Not Black Panther, none of them. Ta-Nehisi Coates’ BLACK PANTHER #1 did do 300,000, but that was an anomaly.

At 9 issues in I’m guessing I AM BATMAN is probably in the low 30s/high 20s range. But that’s just a guess; it’s hard to find public DC numbers since DC is no longer with Diamond.

Either way, 24 issues is probably how long this series will run. And of course I could be wrong, but just as a guess.

So another year and a half of me whining about his costume. Oh boy! :smiling_face:

But yeah, once the series is over then the fun begins insofar as to what happens next. Please be a relaunch into something other than Batman.

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Issue #8

Quite a bit happened in this issue. Like a lot.

Jace comes face to face with his first “comic book” villain, Man Ray, or Manray or whatever…

He loses…

…not enough prep time, I guess. :smiling_face:

I do like what John Ridley was doing with the Commissioner…

It is so spot-on with certain segments of society.

Next, I don’t really agree with Jace’s reasoning when he’s talking to Papa Fox…

…better tech is never a bad thing. Listen to your father, Jace.

Oh, and yeah, the view out of Jace’s window would rule out the Central Park Tower as their residence because the Empire State Building wouldn’t be at that angle in relation to Central Park Tower; it would be more off to the left.

Again, this is of course a fictitious New York City, so whatever goes…

Next is one of the best moments of the series for me thus far…

…Tiffany Fox, The Kid-Sister Wonder™! :smiling_face:

Slowly but surely BATMAN BLACK & WHITE #3 is coming into existence.

More with the kid sister, and then Jace’s gal pal (I approve of her)…

And the end of the Commissioner, I guess…

The end of the Commissioner, but not without a few parting words…

Yep, in all, a really eventful issue.

And I think this is the first issue that I didn’t mind Jace in the cape and cowl. At least not too much.

Seeing the further formation of Tiffany Fox, The Kid-Sister Wonder™ is probably what got me through it, I guess. :smiling_face:

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The kid wonder actually doesn’t sound bad as a codename.

While intriguing I get the feeling that Tiffany is being too brazen about wanting to become a hero.

It’s important to understand that when it comes to Robin’s. Most of them were excruciating taught by Bruce to be ready for crime fighting. Even when they were sure themselves.

Tiffany Fox also has been showing arrogance and anger that while understood because of Tamara current situation, based on Batman mythos, those who show reckless behavior like Jason or Damian tend to die.

Ridley writing is good, so hopefully he doesn’t make her this Kid Wonder without extensive training and some guidance from her big brother. Otherwise this would end up worse for a biological sibling whose family already has a daughter who is recovering from a villain action.

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Yeah, it’ll be fun to watch Tiffany’s growth as a character. And they of course have a long road to go with her.

I love that variant cover to issue #8, by Olivier Coipel…

When all of this was first rumored, Olivier Coipel was the one listed as the regular artist of the series. Sadly as it turned out he only did issue #1.

If only though… jeez.

If he were the regular artist I would not complain once about Jace in the Batsuit.

That Batman on issue #1 is my favorite image of Batman ever…

That is just so good to me.

Jace could stay in the suit forever as far as I’m concerned if Olivier Coipel were the artist. :smiling_face:

Maybe they can get Olivier Coipel to do a “Tiffany Fox, The Kid-Sister Wonder™” mini… :smiling_face:

Moving him to New York was smart. Gives him his own locale, supporting cast, adversaries etc. Also allows him to have a very different relationship to the police than we are accustomed to seeing, which is a thoughtful and interesting choice for a black Batman.

Luke is great as Batwing but I think they chose wisely in bringing in a guy who is more of a blank slate, and who isn’t a tech genius. Temperament-wise, Jace fits the Batman persona better than Luke would.

I’ve no idea if this is sustainable long-term, but imo this book has been improving steadily with each issue.

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Yeah, I was wondering what they were going to do once Bruce came back to Gotham City.

At first it seemed as though Jace was going to be operating out of Alleytown. And what’s Alleytown a stand-in for, something like The Bronx or something? Burnside is like Brooklyn, right?

I was thinking once Bruce came back then that’s when the series would end. Or it would have a total status quo change, or something like that.

The most obvious thing though never occurred to me: move to another city. :smiling_face:

That was like, “Oh, yeah, I guess you could do that.”

I have to say, it’s going to be fun to see how they make “Jace In The City” work.

Because living in New York I can say that Batman wouldn’t work in New York. There is zero way that Batman can get in and out of the city unnoticed, insofar as driving into the city. And he certainly can’t do it fast, no matter what time in the night he does it.

Batman couldn’t drive around New York City either. Not fast, at least.

And in that, Gotham City is more fun for Batman, and Batman-like characters. And I say that because with fictional cities you can make them be whatever you want them to be. You can make it so that Batman works as a character in Gotham City, because Gotham City can be whatever the writer wants it to be.

With New York you don’t have that luxury, it already is what it is.

So far though they’re doing a good job with Jace. No red flags so far. Of course, he hasn’t really done much in the city to this point, but so far so good.

John Ridley went to NYU (my alma mater too), so he knows the city. And so far he’s writing it correctly. And since he knows the city I’m sure he’s not going to mess up. :smiling_face:

I’m sure they’ll fictionalize some things just for the sake of the story, but it won’t come about because the writer has lack of knowledge of the city. It will come about because the story required it. Hopefully Ridley will keep that to a minimum though.

(And he has done a little bit of that in issue #7, I believe, but I blame Christian Duce for his generic streets, not John Ridley.) :smiling_face:

Again, where Jace and Vol finally set up shop that’s going to be fun. I think I’m looking forward to that more than anything else in the series right now. Where is Jace and Vol’s New York City “Bat Cave” going to be, and how is it going to look?

I’m guessing Jace, through Lucius, will buy a building or something and renovate it. Who knows… hopefully it’s cool, though.

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Issue #9

So it opens by channeling The Batman a little by having Jace beat down a perp…

…hey, sometimes you gotta dress up in a Batsuit and beat up somebody.

Everyone has one of those kind of days from time to time.

One day you get knocked in the mouth with a iron by a guy in a mask, and the next day you wake up and choose violence and inflect it upon someone else.

It could happen to the best of us. :smiling_face:

No, but, I kind of like the violence.


I will add though that violence is never the answer.

Speaking of violence however, I wonder if this lady is going to be a villain…

…and Tanya Fox being Tanya Fox.

And a bit of tension, and a very, very cool shot of Jace and Chubb in Chinatown…

That “Do you feel threatened?” caption…

Did everyone think of the Bane “Do you feel in charge?” scene?

I know I did. I loved that scene.

I liked Bane better than Nolan’s Joker.

Anyway, Tam and then Hadiyah…

Nice Central Park scene. And I’m not going to nitpick Central Park. It’s a big place. Everytime I go in there I see something new.

“M.O.M.A.” though…

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen the Museum of Modern Art abbreviated like that, it’s usually just MoMA. But since they only use uppercase in this comic I can kind of give them a pass. Of course, Ridley could have just had Hadiyah say that “I’m taking you to the Museum of Modern Art,” but then I guess I wouldn’t have anything to nitpick. :smiling_face:

Moving along…

This is another issue where a lot of stuff happened, a lot of pieces of being put into place…

Tiffany and mom trying to figure things out.

And Jace is putting together his team of himself, Vol, and Hadiyah…

And finally… the cliffhanger…

…tune in next time, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel and all of that.

And next time brings…

How do you stop a killer who feels nothing: no pain, no emotion a killer who believes their actions only make the world a better, more beautiful place by exposing the literal and figurative ugliness of the rich and powerful? The more important question for Batman as he squares off with Manray…what if he can’t stop him?

Okay. :smiling_face:

But yep, I agree, as the series goes on it’s getting more and more solid.

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Well, a preview of what’s to come…

Manray, Batman/Jace Fox’s latest major foe, wants to kill the mayor of New York City in a preview for DC’s I Am Batman #10.

I Am Batman #10 comes from writer John Ridley, artist Christian Duce, colorist Rex Lokus and letterer Troy Peteri. In the preview provided by DC, Jace and Adriana Chubb have a meeting with New York City’s mayor after learning that Manray has made him his next target. The mayor doesn’t take kindly to this, given that all of Manray’s past victims have been corrupt politicians, and begins wondering if he’s being accused of some sort of malpractice. “The fact is Manray’s other two victims used their power and prominence to help cover up the bad **** they were into,” Jace tells the mayor. "All we’re asking…why is Manray gunning for you?


They should have kept the face plate, because holy moly is that… woah. :smiling_face:

It’s a pity that this series doesn’t have very strong art. Well, to be fair, with everyone else he does a pretty good job, but with Jace in costume it’s just not it… for me, at least.

Anyway, storywise everything seems fine.

I had said that I was going to stick with this until the bitter end, but I may reevaluate that after issue #12.

According to the solicits issue #12 is going to deal with Tiffany Fox, The Kid-Sister Wonder™ a little…

DC’s most inscrutable hero arrives in New York City to task Jace Fox’s Batman with helping them solve a mystery of the past. At the same time, Tiffany Fox continues on her path to see who could be New York—and DC’s—hero of the future.

…so I’ll definitely stick around for that, and of course I’m intrigued by who “DC’s most inscrutable hero” is – I’ve seen some speculate that maybe it’s The Question. Who knows…

This art though is killing me. And they’re not changing it anytime soon either, Christian Duce is the regular artist.

If I didn’t like Jace and Tiffany so much I would be gone, but this is getting tough.

I don’t have the sales numbers, but Comichron does have sales rankings, and I AM BATMAN is the lowest ranked Bat book – of the roughly 21 Bat books, it came in 21st place. And of the roughly 52 DC books overall in April, it came in 35th place; and one place above the recently “cancelled” TEEN TITANS ACADEMY.

While I’m not rooting for I AM BATMAN to end or be cancelled, if it did end or get cancelled in the next 6 or 8 months it… wouldn’t be the worst thing. :smiling_face:

Because then they can relaunch it as something else. And in doing so maybe rethink it a little bit, and hopefully do it the way that I want it done – like it was done in SECOND SON. :smiling_face:

I agree on the face mask. His costume is almost missing without it. Kinda generic and I don’t think he is that.

His face mask besides being in character cover for Jace Fox but also because his words and actions have a pretty strong impact. He does look more like a ominous presence but what he says and how he operates make him more interesting. It was a good contrast.

It was direct opposite message Bruce has with his face opening.

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issue #10

Okay, the art is nice here, and as ever with John Ridley’s Bat book, it feels like a TV show…

I like Manray. He’s a good first comic book villain for Jace.

And this, Ars gratia artis…

…that just brought a smile to face when I saw it.

Ars gratia artis… art for art’s sake.

I just kill them for the art of it.

That’s a good Bat villain. They do what they do just because they’re crazy. No other real reason. :smiling_face:

And you say New York City…

Nice job, Christian Duce.

I know exactly where that is… downtown shortly after you come off the Brooklyn Bridge.

Law & Order shoots a lot of stuff down there.

And the cliffhanger…

This was a pretty good issue. It was quick, but I liked it.

Again, I like Manray. And Jace I didn’t mind too much in the Bat Suit after those first few pages. Well… yeah, I’ll just leave it at that.

I guess Christian Duce may have kind of just “mailed” those panels with Jace in or something, because the rest of the issue was really nice.

Anyway, very good.

And I find myself really looking forward to “She Got Next!” :smiling_face:

And I switched from Apple Books to Comixology. I don’t know why really, I just did.

Ars gratia artis, maybe? And that doesn’t even make any sense, but whatever… :smiling_face:


Oh, and…


His face mask besides being in character cover for Jace Fox but also because his words and actions have a pretty strong impact. He does look more like a ominous presence but what he says and how he operates make him more interesting. It was a good contrast.

Right, I agree.

It just gave off a different vide.

I liked how it looked on Cassandra Cain too. It was a very sleek and cool look.

And with Jace it was kind of futuristic; even more so than Terry’s mask to me.

It felt kind of like Violet Paige’s from MOTHER PANIC

I’ve found that I like the domino mask, or the full face mask or face plate best on Bat people.

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So, the solicits to issue #12 says…

DC’s most inscrutable hero arrives in New York City to task Jace Fox’s Batman with helping them solve a mystery of the past. At the same time, Tiffany Fox continues on her path to see who could be New York—and DC’s—hero of the future.

…some had guessed that it was The Question.

Sure enough, it will be The Question.

Because the solicits to September’s issue #13 says…

Written by JOHN RIDLEY
Art and cover by CHRISTIAN DUCE
Variant cover by MIKE BOWDEN
1:25 variant cover by ROGER CRUZ
Hispanic Heritage Month variant cover by GEORGES JEANTY
$3.99 US | 32 pages | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)
ON SALE 9/13/22

Batman and the Question’s investigation into Anarky’s murder puts them directly in the crosshairs of a rogue police unit set up to deal with the"radical" activist, and which is willing to kill to keep their secrets. At the same time, as she watches a friend being lured back into a life of crime, sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option for Tiffany Fox.

I’m liking this.

Still not really liking Jace in the Bat Suit, of course, but I’m liking this Question business.

And Holy kid sister, Batman…

At the same time, as she watches a friend being lured back into a life of crime, sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option for Tiffany Fox.

…but here comes Tiffany Fox, The Kid-Sister Wonder™! :smiling_face:

She will keep me on this book for it’s duration, because whatever costume they come up with for her, I will be fine with it – because even if they dress her like Robin I’ll be fine; even though I’m sure they won’t.

I’m sure it’ll be original, and may even be the look from BATMAN BLACK & WHITE #3

…which would be perfect because I really liked that.

(And John Ridley was a little too on the nose with that "You will not replace… " line from that character.)

Anyway, whatever they do with Tiffany’s costume I know I won’t cringe every time I see it like I do with Jace in the Bat Suit. :smiling_face:

And it’ll be nice and grounded like pretty much everything else is in John Ridley’s book.

These are the good times.

A somewhat interesting article on issue #10

As the Batman of New York City, Jace Fox may have his hands full with a serial killer but he’s yet to come across a threat anywhere as deadly as the Joker - though not for lack of effort. Although this new villain, Manray, has tried to match the Joker’s sense of showmanship and style, all he’s managed so far is to highlight just what makes the Joker such a credible threat. As he currently stands, Manray simply isn’t a plausible nemesis for the new Batman.

I Am Batman #10, by John Ridley, Christian Duce, and Rex Lokus, sets the stage for their biggest confrontation yet. Having intimated that his next target is the mayor, Manray makes good on his threat and attacks city hall, ripping through aides and bodyguards. Despite an armed team of guards waiting in the lobby, the mayor arrives to find them all slaughtered and Manray waiting for him. Batman arrives at the nick of time and after a tense battle, Manray is subdued.

Sadly, there’s little to justify Manray’s apparent rampage, exposing him as another Joker copycat. With no powers or martial training, only a spiked iron on a chain, there is no explanation given as to why a team of armed guards is unable to shoot Manray or how he can fight toe-to-toe with Batman. The Joker, on the other hand, has well established his ability to plan and set traps in advance; teams who have gone in to kill him inevitably realize too late that they’ve been sent into a deathtrap. The sheer unpredictable nature of the Joker leads his opponents to second-guess themselves at critical moments, never knowing just what he has planned or whether they’re being tricked. In the face of all this, Manray just feels implausible - there’s very little about him that allows for the suspension of disbelief required for a supervillain to not be shot outright.

Non-powered villains like Victor Zsasz (who has killed many people) are still terrifying. Zsasz’ MO of stalking his victims, however, is a much better match for his skillset; he is not the kind of villain who could walk into a room of armed security forces and be expected to walk out. Treating Manray as a Joker-level threat without establishing his skills or abilities beforehand makes it very difficult for the reader to take him seriously. Batman will happily bring him down regardless, but so far all Manray has managed to prove is that it takes something far more special than a high body count to be the next Joker.

I guess I never thought of Manray as anything more than a one-off villain.

He’s Jace’s first comic book villain, but I never thought of him as anything like a reoccurring villain. I like him, but I looked at him as just a “colorful” means to advance the larger story, the corrupt city officials storyline – which is far more interesting to me than Manray.

And he’s going to be captured in the next issue and the story will move on.

Following the stunning conclusion of the previous issue, Jace Fox and his task force are upended! Taking Manray into custody could be a deadly prospect for Chubb and Whitaker…and what secrets does this mass murderer hold?

Manray is a sideshow, not the show itself. (At least I guess he’s a sideshow and nothing more… ?)

No, I feel that the bad guys for Jace are going to be in suits, not in colorful costumes. From SECOND SON until now that’s just the overall feel that I get for how John Ridley is writing Jace.

A villain that I thought was going to be around for awhile was Tyler Arkadine, because he’s been there since the beginning of SECOND SON.

But he was killed off in the third issue…

So, so much for him, I guess. :smiling_face:

I liked Arkadine, he’ll be missed.

A random thought:

I wonder what this book is going to look like post-DARK CRISIS.

Issue #15 is going to be a tie-in for it. So do that, and run for a few more issues until issue #18. Then cancel I AM BATMAN, and then relaunch it starring Jace and Tiffany. And have Tiffany dressed in her Ninja-looking outfit, and have the “afro puffs.” And have Jace dressed like Kato, and have a katana given to him by Katana, by Tatsu Yamashiro. And have Olivier Coipel draw it.

Do that, and it’ll be a top-20 book. :smiling_face: