I am a Struggling Writer

I don’t think I’ve properly introduced myself quite yet. I am a struggling writer and I could use a bit of help. Since I’ve been getting a bad case of writer’s block lately, I’ve considered using that writer’s block to my advantage and writing some fan fiction to improve my craft. I’ve got things in the pipeline I might post on here soon. I could use the feedback and criticism to my advantage where need be. Problem is, I’m a bit nervous about the whole thing. I usually prefer to write my own original tales and I rarely ever show anyone much of the stuff I’m working on.

To sum it all up, let me know if any of you are interested in helping a struggling writer get back in the game. With enough support, I might just post a story or two on here soon.

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You should stop by the I AM THE KNIGHT thread, right here in fan creations. The basic idea is I started a story, just a paragraph or two, and anyone and everyone who wants to write a paragraph or three is welcome to do so. We only started this morning, so only a couple of your fellow DC Universe friends have a taken a shot so far… come and join the action!

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Funny thing you say that… I made a contribution to that thread earlier. Just going to give the thread a bit of breathing room and see if anyone continues from there.

Did you change your name LOL? I could have sworn it was one of the Red Hood’s earlier. I may have to bug some people to jump in… I think they are all watching Doom Patrol right now.

I never change my name.

…not yet at least.

I might just go ahead and post my first complete short story. What could possibly go wrong?

I am actually trying to write a script for a Batman trilogy. I have the overarching plot and some ideas for spinoffs.

I will be able to help! is it a superhero story?

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Posted it not too long ago in the Fan Creations forum. Look up Just Another Day in Gotham.

It’s indirectly a superhero story told from the perspective of a hitman that encounters Batman during a job gone awry. I’m considering turning it into a series of stories about various Gotham residents and their encounters with Batman. But for now, it’s a start.

holds hands out Here, have a support :3


Story read, first comment made.

I’m always very interested in reading ff and am more than happy to give my little two cents. :blush:

Oh, and WildDog, you just got added to the Recommended Reading thread over in the Random threads.

@LadyWonder Would you care to add a paragraph to a tale of a Dark Knight here in these very fan creations? Mister WildDog has done so…

Oh, and an observation-- LadyWonder’s feedback in these written word threads is always pretty darn solid.


Always glad to have more readers! Thanks! :slight_smile:

And please, any feedback is good feedback.

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