I already have stopped using this service due to the comics

Tonight, I was doing something else and suddenly remember that “oh yeah, I guess I’d better check the DC Comics app to see if there is any news on getting a better selection of comics”. I checked and it appears there won’t be. Which is really sad. I bought a year’s subscription with such enthusiasm, hopeful for what I’d see. And already, the DC Comics app is an afterthought for me. It’s irrelevant and I never come here.

I don’t care about the TV shows and movies (if I want a movie, I’ll buy it digitally on Amazon). I don’t care about anything but the comics. And I’ve already forgotten about this whole service for the most part. If there isn’t some huge news about the comics (and I know there won’t be) becoming like Marvel Unlimited, then I’m unsubscribing and removing the app.

No further point in me being part of it.


Your intelligent commentary and uplifting contributions to our community will be sorely missed.


Bye Felicia


How do you know there won’t be any news or additions? Nothing has been confirmed yet. It’s all jist rumors and speculation right now. Plus, it’s the first month of possibly years and not it’s not likely this will stay like this. Comixology and Marvel Unlimited didn’t start as great as they are now.

If you only care about the comics, that’s fine but don’t expect catering to YOU. This ain’t burger king where you can have it your way.

Why tell us anyway? Contact customer service on the DC website or tweet them or something.

You being disappointed and stopped using the app means sh*t and is an after thought like others complaining all day long. Are you expecting a mod to be like nooooo don’t gooo? If you aren’t patient and are so sure nothing good will change then alright bye!


I still don’t understand why people thought this would be DC’s answer to Marvel Unlimited. I can understand people being disappointed in the selection. But this service is about the same price as MU yearly (and actually cheaper monthly) and they are obviously focusing more on the streaming content (something MU doesn’t have at all) with several new series being made and several more old shows and movies already on the service at launch.

I feel bad for all of the people who pre ordered a year just for the comics content, but DCU never claimed to be the next MU.


There is no way that I would have subscribed for the video content. There are way too much competition for those entertainment dollars. I had trusted DC to provide a nice service that provided value for my dollar. With the very poor offerings in the comic area and the obvious fact that with incomplete arcs, those comics are really about getting you to buy the rest of the arc.

It seems that this service is all about getting even more money out of us. It certainly isn’t worth the fees we pay.

I screwed up and bought the non- refundable premium sub. When it is over, I’ll cancel unless a miracle occurs and DC provides much more content than they have stated. You can buy these vids for much less over the long run than it will cost to subscribe here.

It really sucks, but this service appears to be no more than a fancy moneygrab by DC. I am really disappointed in them.


Holy ■■■■ @Jazzdog @Truth_of_Pisces and @TX85 's comments all fucked me up :joy:
I’ll let my gif do the trolling

I have to say I personally don’t think I’ll ever buy a comixology unlimited or marvel unlimited account. I tried the free trial of Comixology and was annoyed right off the back. There’s only so much time to do all this consuming at hand. We have TV, movies, books, comic books, and music. Now I have UNLIMITED??? Like holy hell I don’t have time for this ■■■■. At least when I was paying for comics individually it forced me to sit down to pick and choose whats truly most important to me. Seeing who and what you’re willing to pay dollars for says a lot about how much you love and support the characters writers and artists. When I have “Unlimited” it’s never truly that. You’re then forced to skim your second faves because all the brand new stuff you still have to buy

That being said, the only reason I bought this service is because Titans and Swampthing. I don’t care how jail broke your firestick is. There won’t be any good quality pirates up for these shows. But aside from that drawing me in everything else was a cherry on top. Shout out to DC Daily for getting me into stories I’d never heard of. PLus the new vinyl record for sale


I agree that the comic section is really lacking. Still going to keep it for the shows though.

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So here’s your scary bedtime story, Kiddies. I have spent the past six or seven years trying out various comic book streaming services all you can read unlimited and over and over again. they start up last about 9 months and then halt, all except Marvel unlimited that is. The latest in this is one that I really enjoy, Comic Blitz… now they’ve stopped posting new comics. They’re talking to somebody about some merger , we’ll see, but Scribd and, I can’t think of the names of all the others I keep trying, I pay good money and you know several months later they go down. I have no idea how many people are subscribing to DC Universe but I going to keep being positive do what we can to help support them is my suggestion. If the only way they can keep this going is as a rotating 2500, let’s do it and help them to figure out how to make it work.


On a totally unrelated note I’m hearing that the current upcoming generation is the most illiterate generation to ever come through in America.

Where did everybody go , was it something I said?


I also bought this just for the comics, and it is a pretty disappointing selection. I don’t usually care for the television shows either. I haven’t watched most of them. I do plan on checking out this Titans show, though. If it turns out to be not worth a fuck, then I guess this is $8 wasted. :man_shrugging:


I’m 22 and consider myself quite literate, yet a not so good proof reader. I would say I know a good amount of people and nevertheless I have only one friend who reads. Noooobody my age reads. It’s honestly really annoying. To the point I thought about joining a book club just to talk to someone about Ready Player One (best singular novel I’ve ever read) and how awesome it was. What’s even worse? I can’t even get my friends into comics! No shit I gave my two closest friends my Comixology login info and told them go nuts on all the stuff I’ve bought and they won’t touch it. It’s quite sad. Quite sad indeed. Sometimes I worry for the future :man_shrugging:t4:


If the comic section expands that’s great for everyone but this has been always called and advertised as a dc steaming service lol? The comics they didn’t even bring up having any TIL JULY or August lol? Sounds like this service was never for you.

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Gawdspeed, that’s where I was headed, so yeah it’s you know always running to digital because physical Comics are so expensive .

One reason comics are so expensive is not that many people are buying anymore. Same for magazines and newspapers and books what is there’s one chain left Barnes and Noble and they’re barely holding on. So , to clarify, illiterate doesn’t mean stupid, illiterate means " doesn’t read well.

Marvel as a group is doing great with the movies , but you know just having a couple percents more of the comic book reader share is still a very small piece of pie from a very small pie bin for Marvel Comics. I’m pretty sure I read that comic book sales have decreased significantly even since last year.

I was exited to read some of the classic comics. I started with Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns. I downloaded all the issues and started reading. When I got to the third issue “no longer available” ugh. Then I started Identity Crisis, same thing downloaded all seven issues, read three then “no longer available” grr now I’m pissed. I did not subscribe to this so I could read a bunch of #1s. I get that DC wants to make money, but I also want to get something for my money.


No, foodini, that isn’t correct. From the very first official email communication they promoted 4 things:


Yeah. Thats pretty clear to me. If you read streaming service only on some unofficial web site and took that for gospel, well …