Hyper ageing

Okay, So I had this dream about the flash, that made me think of all the speedsters in general. If fast is their constant speed if he doesn’t concentrate doesn’t that mean they’ll age faster? Even more so for the kids age, like would their minds and body just develop to an age where they can be able to understand and control their power if they got taught by one of the flashes?

That’s an interesting thought! Speedsters heal faster though (at least on the CW :sweat_smile:), so wouldn’t that offset the aging process?

Fair point, but that’s on the show, but what about in the comics?

They also heal faster in TT vs JL.

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It would make sense for them to age faster… :thinking:

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Bart Allen’s origin is essentially that he was aging to fast and was sent to the past so Wally could help him, and later the same thing happened to Wally’s kids so you’re definitely on the right track

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Dope, glad to know.

@telvismayberry91.23847 Maybe is wasn’t a dream. :sunglasses: