Hydro #1

I hope the story was a little easier to read.

Part 0: https://www.dcuniverse.com/community/boards/fancontributions/fan-made-superhero-univers

Hydro #1
First Appearance Ying-Yang #1
Last seen in Triton: Origins #1

Hydro is talking to an assistant

H: Hello, I’m here to see Mrs. Waller.
A:We don’t have a Mrs. Waller.
Please don’t mess with me. I was given this by Mrs. Waller
Fine, (pressing a button) He’s here

Hydro walks through an open secret door. It shuts behind him.
W: Hello, I knew you’d come.
H: Really?
Yep. I did because I bugged your room.
Relax, it’s my job to keep the kingdom secure.
But you bugged my place without my permission
You aren’t a citizen of the tribe.

Now what is your name
Well Triton, where is the suit?
In the case.
Put it on. Change in the bathroom there.

Comes out with suit

W: the suit needs work. Begin test.
Room moves. Shifts. Adapts Turrets appear from the ground. Waller gets built around a bulletproof glass shield.
A single jug of water.


Hydro throws the trident and the turret and slides over to the jug of water.
The turret sends a rocket into the trident knocking it back.
Turret aims at Hydro
Hydro launches the jug at the turret.
Bullets split the jug in half but Hydro is able to run back to his trident.
Hydro uses his trident to control the water and short circuit the turret. Turret explodes.

H: What was that?
W: I needed to test you to see if the bugged conversation was legit.
H: I’m done. Why did I come here?
W: Because you want to reveal Atlantis as a 4th tribe.
H: But I don’t need you to do it.
W: Okay, who then will believe you.
Exactly. You need me to let you reveal Atlantis on your own terms.
Look, I know that there are other tribes. It’s not just Ying-Yang, Atlantis, the Elves, and the Order. There have to be other tribes who have chosen to live in isolation. I want to find them but I need a team and in order to do that, I have to reveal Atlantis.
Can’t Atlantis just let you create an Atlantis team?
No, because an Atlantean team wouldn’t be diverse enough to explore a diversity of locations.
I need people from all three tribes to help me. But first, I need to reveal Atlantis.
Okay, I’ll tell the Assembly, and then you will do a live press conference.


Oh Hydro, where are you?


Who are you? Ready’s trident

The Council has renamed you. Hydro: the public menace.

Why should I care?

Because now I get to kill you! I’ve been waiting a long time.

Reveal a scared face with three marks down the side. Deep sea-like

Triton fights this mysterious assassin in Hydro #2

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Good action. I am wondering what Hydro’s motivation is to reveal Atlantis to the other tribes. He’s risking his life to do so, but what could push a man to do that?