I liked hush but, one thing I really enjoyed from the original story was having clay face impersonate Jason Todd. And then years later it was revealed that it was really Jason and that they pulled a switch . They could’ve used that to build to another red hood movie within this current animated continuity. I wish they would’ve kept it the same with the riddler, but also have the Tommy thing too. That the riddler needed the help. But oh well.

I beginning to wonder if there are certain DC writers or animation directors that secretly hate Nightwing. They totally crapped on his character in this Hush animated adaption.
Biggest Nightwing fan cringe moment was when Nightwing and Catwoman faced off with you know who at the graveyard. The way the scene went I literally felt my way through that scene like a Jedi feeling what was going to happen a split moment before it did. I don’t know if it’s just a dislike (leading to disrespect…or maybe just ignorance of the character) of Nightwing by the Writer or Director…or if it was them trying to be WOKE. When Nightwing was staring at the Grave intensely…I said…okay he’s not gonna get caught off guard…but lo and behold he is and Catwoman has to warn him. I literally said out loud “Okay, that was out of character…but okay not impossible”…but then Nightwing (the 2nd best fighter next to Batman and the best acrobat in DC) became stupid and clumsy enough to get Gassed by the villain!..Maybe the first time as Robin being gassed I could believe him being this scared and akward……but now as Nightwing? Again…“out of character,…WAY Out of character”. Then he can’t even inject himself with the antiserum…I call total BS. Right there and then, I thought about quitting my DC subscription to this DC Universe. They made him a pussy against Damian in that Son of Batman crap…hell, they even made Deathstroke a pussy next to Damain in that animated garbage…then in Bad Blood, Nightwing clocks Batman once really good, but then Batman wipes the blood from his mouth, cracks his neck where I can hear the director saying to himself “oh now the BAT means business” and then he quickly takes out Nightwing like it’s nothing…Now, even if it is Batman…I call total Bull Crap! But this HUSH Nightwing garbage pissed me of so much that The only thing stopping me from cancelling my subscription to DC is TITANS…and specifically because of Dick Grayson Robin/Nightwing. Okay, and maybe hoping Wally & Roy show up…and yeah I like the Mutt Krypto…but if they do to NW what they did in Hush…that is write him like an idiot to make another character… Catwoman (who doesn’t need a crutch like this) look more awesome…then DC…YOU GUYS CAN GO YOU KNOW WHAT YOURSELVES. But I digress. If I were loyal DC fan (which I have been all my life…I love Marvel but not like I love DC) I would say to DC, you guys are messing up big time when it comes to keeping the integrity of certain characters. There have been plenty of moments where if you can’t tell how out of character one of your heroes is being portrayed…then you should not be in the comic book business.

@Titans21 The writers just needed Nightwing to leave so Catwoman could be captured. If Nightwing was still there when hen Hush took her then he would have followed and Batman wouldn’t have had to search for Catwoman alone.

@ Awesome_Squid

All that tells me is that the writers, director or both are lazy and don’t care about character integrity. Even worse, they don’t bother to understand the history of the character in which case they have no right working on these characters…especially Batman. They are the equivalent of someone in this scenario.
We need Batman out of the way so Nightwing has to search for Batgirl alone…I got it…let’s have someone sneak up behind him and take him out by using chloroform from behind. Is that in character for Batman? Of course Batman is Batman so these dumb idiots probably wouldn’t go that far. But they’ve done things that were close or maybe worse. when it comes to Batman…Batman vs Robin anyone…yeah he’s fighting Batman and holds his own…hell, I called Bull crap when he did it to Nightwing, BUT BATMAN! WHAT ARE THESE DC MORONS THINKING? I love Batman, Nightwing, the Robins, Bat Family, all things DC, but as of late I feel like turning my back on DC. Now, even though the first comic I ever purchased was a Fantastic Four issue (The Thing Loses his powers and is replaced by Luke Cage aka Powerman), DC was already in my head well before these Marvel characters ever got their hooks into me. And I have always said that although Marvel has fantastic, amazing characters…the characters in the DC universe are richer when it comes to the potential Drama, and Adventurous story telling they could adapt to live movies. As an example of what I’m talking about…Two of my all time favorite storylines involved Captain America/Bucky aka Wintersoldier…and Batman/Robin aka Nightwing. They just needs to be done right. The Marvel movies are near perfection with the Capatin America/ Wintersoldier…DC…has never done it right on the screen…except for maybe Titans now…but the jury is still out on that. Ah, who cares anymore.