Hush the animated movie

Ok, first of all this movie is entertaining, however they completely derailed from jeff Loeb and Jim Lee’s story and that is aggravating! It’s one of the greatest graphic novels ever, from the story, character development and art work. I expected an adaptation straight from the source, why mess with a good thing? It’s just like what they did with the killing joke


Well the changes to the Killing Joke sucked more. They’re trying to make Hush fit into the DCAMU, so some changes were necessary. But they made a lot of changes that weren’t. And I think they probably should have had it be standalone instead of part of the DCAMU.


I didn’t mind the change as I think it’s a streamlined way to get both characters responsible for the events of the story in the comics into a satisfying conclusion.

I thought Bane replacing Killer Croc was unnecessary, but I otherwise enjoyed the movie.

I would’ve enjoyed it more if the animation mirrored the style of the comic art.

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It’s gonna be interesting tomorrow when you see a flood of people post the same topic about a certain part of the movie. It’ll be “Save Swamp Thing” levels of multiple posts.

I believe this story worked better with their DCAU storyline. This doesn’t follow the comics storyline, this follows DC current animated movie continuity. They had to change up the story and couldn’t have followed panel by panel adaption.

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I’m glad they changed it. I have a rather complex history with the Hush storyline. I picked up the issues as they came out and I was invested in the mystery. Unfortunately the ending wasn’t my favorite. While I enjoyed the different take on the end, I know tomorrow a LOT of people are gonna take issue.

I’ll hunker down and wait for the storm to pass lol

Is the movie on the app yet? I can’t find it. I thought it was supposed to be out August 6th.

@ brew502003.9687 It’ll come to the app tomorrow.