Hush movie

Why does DC insist on taking creative liberties when they adapt these comics? Hush does not need to be anything, but what jeff Loeb and Jim Lee created, it should be a panel by panel adaptation because in my opinion the comic is perfect, why substitute bane for killer croc? And why not try to use jim Lee’s character design’s? He is one of my favorite artists i just dont understand. They did right by the dark knight returns, so it is possible to bring the comic to a motion picture…


These movies are not direct adaptations. This was included in their new continuity of films (starting with Justice League: War)Adaptations in general take liberties with their source material. As for why it’s not Jim Lee’s design, again, it’s part of their continuity of films, so the art style matches that.

Hope that addresses your concerns :slight_smile:


I guess I still don’t understand why a site that’s for DC, by DC is the last place to find out or get content from DC. When is HUSH going to be on here? I could’ve bought the physical media back in July? Other than threads, there’s not even been any promotion for it on here…doesn’t that ever seem odd to anyone else?

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As has been stated many times on these forums, Hush will be on the app this Tuesday. We’ve been made aware of this awhile ago.