Hurricane Michael/ Panama City, FL : Surivior

Hey guys and gals. I survived the hurricane and I’ve been posting updates when possible. Well me and A LOT. Of other people lost everything including teens and children. So as one way I want to start giving out comics. I have some in my collection but if anyone has any comics or comic series that they want to donate as I start to pass them out to kids children please email me at or I’m on Facebook as Brett Houbler. Message me either way and I’ll give the info of where to send anything you can. I will be passing them out. Any help at all with comics or money to provide gas for me to drive and pass them out would be greatly appreciated I’m also doing a food drive but kids and teens don’t have any entertainment and what better way then some DC comics right? Well thanks you all so much and any every comic is going to a great cause I promise you that.

Thanks again, BRETT WAYNE.


That’s great that you are giving comics

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Thanks man just trying to do what I can. Hope I can get some people to donate. The kids came and got all I had to offer and there were a lot more in line I wasn’t able to give any so I’m trying to get donations as best I can. So if anybody at all has any type of comics please contact me.

I don’t have comics to donate, but all of PCB has my prayers. God Speed.

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Hey that’s enough man thank you very much. Pc appreciate you!

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