Humble Community Brags

I’ve been so busy these last few months with work, kids, and schooling that I just want to here from anyone and everyone!

So, here is what I want this post to be. If you have any accomplishment you are personally proud of shout it out! Finally got that missing piece to your DC collection? Finally finished a series you’ve been wanting to read or watch? Promotion at work? Finished a massive school project? One more class down on a degree program?
Whatever it is feel free to share and get some congratulations you deserve it!


Not sure how far back to go, so will just see what pops in my head (and keep it DC related):

  • Made some nice additions to my DC Trinity statue and figure collection. One long sold out piece took me the better part of a year to hunt down.
  • Expanded my small collection of DC hardcovers a bit (mostly all Superman, with few exceptions).
  • Started reading Kirby. Finished New Gods a little while ago. I can see the greatness. Probably Jimmy Olsen next.
  • Almost done with Frank Miller’s Dark Knight universe stuff. Currently reading Master Race.
  • Got a comment of mine mentioned on DC Daily. Bragged a bit to family & friends. No one cared :joy:
  • Made some good online buddies here at DCU.

That’s what comes to mind for the time being. Will share more if I think of anything :slight_smile:


I’ve been reading some of kirby’s mister miracle and it’s pretty good I’m enjoying it.

And your family and friends might not of cared but that’s awesome!

Congratulations on building up your collection. All around great stuff!
Thanks for replying

  • I finished the new DC Mafia Game planning
  • I got the “Riding High In The Polls” badge
  • I got the first part of the COVID-19 vaccine

Very nice! I haven’t posted to this in a long time I will have to.

I’ve never heard of the DC Mafia Game. What is it?


@Mongul.The.Elder its a part of a club here. ill dm u the link if you want


Figured I would add to this.

This year I finished my certificate of completion in IT support Technician. I am now continuing for my associates degree in Computer Networking!

My kids are about to finish their first year of school kindergarten and preschool.

My wife got certified as a volunteer for the battered women’s shelter in our town.

And as always I added to my DC collection with a signed by Bendis 9.8 grade copy of young Justice #1.