Human Target

Episode 12…

Great conclusion to the first season. Lots of backstory on our hero, good humor, great villain and we get to see how this whole show came to be! We even get to see puppy Carmine!

Christopher Chance has a heart, a conscious and a type. We get to see the woman he loved - and lost - and she looks a lot like the women he’s been dealing with all season long which explains the romantic tension we’ve seen so far.

Guerrero can do more than hack computers! Damn!

This episode did the best job so far of bouncing between the present and the past. A lot of times it was distracting this season but this episode pulled it off well and I think it complemented the plot. Getting a callback to some characters we’ve seen in earlier episodes, getting the origin for each of our favorite characters, getting a great cameo from an action star from the past and still having a great plot/episode makes this easily my favorite episode of the season.

Heck, this episode may be worth it just to find out Winston’s first name and who the real Christopher Chance is (or do we?!?)!

It’ll be a while before I watch Season Two (but not too long, we only have about 80 days left with this DC Universe) but I’m glad I watched season one and I enjoyed it. If you haven’t seen it I’d recommend it even though this is about as much of a DC show as Road to Perdition is a DC movie.

Will Human Target make its way to HBO MAX? I hope so I loved this show

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Hey @jtbrady177.27977, you can find information on where our video content will be going by checking our “Where Can I Find…” thread - in Human Target’s case, you’ll be able to see it on YouTube, iTunes, GooglePlay, Vudu and Amazon Prime, but no word on HBO Max, yet. :slight_smile:

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Sadly, and this is just my opinion, I doubt it will be on MAX. There are some exceptions but they don’t seem to really add many unknown curiosities and unfortunately even thought it was on 2 seasons few seem to remember or have heard of it.

Where Warner should add it, at least within their own services, is CW Seed. It seems like the kind of thing they do add, and it went on for 2 seasons which is longer then a lot of their shows. But may be too obscure even for them. I think some might realize DCU was a great place for stuff like that, that despite some assuming I doubt lesser known stuff like that is going to MAX.

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Created by comic book icons, Len Wein and Carmine Infantino, Christopher Chance, The Human Target first appeared in Action Comics #419 (December 1972).