Human Target is the best live action DC show Ever

This show getting cancelled after just 2 seasons is a tragedy and it should be brought back.


Are you serious?

Yes I am

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My Friend is a huge fan of this show, he really enjoy watching it. I should watch it since I haven’t seen all the episode. :slight_smile:

It was alright

I watched it consistently when it was on. It’s a fun, light weight action show.

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Season 1 is a million times better than Season 2. Season 1 had greater plots, funnier jokes, and better actors. Season 2 seemed to hire a couple of teenage boys who decided to include attractive females into the main cast, which I did not mind, but also included some weird scenes like the punk lesbians at a bus station going at it with a lot of PDA, to put it midly.

Great show and the cast chemistry made it for me.

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Still true

Definitely a fun show.

That show is so ripe for a reboot. What an awesome show with outstanding actors.

Yea, that Rick Springfield was great.

I remember the episode where Rick Springfield has to impersonate a prisoner and it caused PTSD flashbacks to his time in Vietnam. Great episode.