Why does Hulu have better DC content then this app ?

That is debatable. One argument for DC Universe over Hulu is that there are no commercials. Another is that DC Universe has the classic animated series whereas Hulu has Smallville, Teen Titans Go, and some of the later animated movies. Plus, you may have forgotten that Rickey Rat owns a percentage of Hulu and what doesn’t the rat own?. Heck, DC, unfortunately, sounds somewhat like the rat’s corporation.


It doesn’t but what they do have is probably due to some contract

Holy smokes. Glad I popped in here. I have Hulu and didn’t even know it had Smallville on it. I know what I’m watching later. Thanks abfgmsw

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No it doesn’t.

Well everyone has their own opinions on better content Hulu does have a few movies that are nice like Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay but it doesn’t have Titans :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but I do support Hulu as well

Hulu’s got some choice DC wares but DCU beats it by a multiverse.