Huge Gaps in Series'

This will be quick. Is there a reason that there are huge gaps in a comic series? I am a huge batman fan but never read any of the comics, and I wanted to start from the beginning. But, after scrolling through a bit I found that the 1940’s Batman series goes up to issue 59, and then goes into issue 139. Where are the other 80 issues of the series? I can get a really good read out of what is on the service already, but if I want to read a complete series I can’t do so because there are huge gaps. If it was just a one issue gap I wouldn’t care too much, but 80 comics is way too big of a gap. Is there a plan to add them in or no?

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@Rick_Bot A lot hasn’t been digitized yet. Especially with older comics, you have to hope they have enough of the original material to scan. Assuming they have them, it takes time to clean them up. When you also add to the fact there’s a lot of other comics that are lined up to be released digitally (the people who digitize it are going through a list) it’ll take some time.


Thank you for the reply! I am glad to hear that it is being worked on, and that there is a chance it will all be there at some point in the future.


Sadly, not everything has been added. However, I still recommend reading what’s available. Out of curiosity, do you know about the different continuities such as Pre-Crisis, Post Crisis, and New 52?

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I feel you. I’m trying to read as much of the DCU as I can, and in as close to chronological order that I can, but there’s a lot of early stuff missing. But once we get into modern storytelling, there’s a higher percentage of stuff to absorb. I recommend starting with Year One or The Long Halloween if you’re looking for a Batman Begins type of experience. '60s Batman comics or the Batman '66 series of you are an Adam West fan, Batman Adventures and Batman: The Adventures Continues if the loved the '90s cartoon, and there’s so much more to choose from.

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@Rick_Bot hopefully Mr. Le Clear can answer your question. These Q+A’s are both closed but you can read through them and get a better idea of digitizing comics.