Howdey fellow fans! I'm looking for the correct reading order for the Batman Beyond comics,

Batman Beyond was my favorite cartoon as a kid, and one of my first introductions too the DC universe so it’s always held a wicked special place in my heart. I’ve never sat down too read through all the comics though, and am BEYOND happy too see there’s so many!! But alas! I can’t find the correct chronological order too experience Terry’s journey! PLEASE HELP.


I just laid em all out in this section under the post where to start with BB. I guess I could redo it here gimme a sec be right with u.

BB 99’ mini-series 1-6.
BB 99’ 1-24.
BB 2010’ 1-6.
BB 2011’ 1-8.
BB 2012’ 1-29 (unlimited 10,000 clowns)
Justice League Beyond 1-25.
Superman Beyond (optional but I’d read it imo)
BB 2.0 1-16
JL 2.0 1-16
Then BB 2.0 & JL 2.0 issues 17-24. I alternated read BB (2.0)#17 then JL (2.0) #17 & so on til #24 of both.
BB 2.0 25-40.
BB 2015’ 1-16.
BB futures end issues.
BB Rebirth #1
BB Rebirth.

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Hope that helps. I always forget u can read BB return of the Joker after the ‘99 issues or after the BB 2010 issues doesn’t really matter. Probably after 99’ 1-24, would be best.

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