How would you write the Arrowverse?

I know that for those of us who watch the DC CW shows, we usually have theories and predictions for how the season will play out. Im curious to see how you think the shows would change if your theories were correct. What if Tommy was Prometheus? What if Wally was Savitar? Etc.

Arrow - I’d tweak Ollie to be closer to his comic personality than Batman, Kill off Felicity, Make Roy into his own hero as Arsenal.

Flash - Make Iris an investigative reporter and spend less time with Team Flash.

Legends of Tomorrow - End the time travelling aspect but keep the team as some new team in another city.

I don’t watch Supergirl much and so I don’t know what I’d drop or keep

Arrow-keep tone semi dark but make Olliver more fun
Flash-keep the same mostly but give Wally stuff to do

Arrow- i honestly like the show, my only problem is that Oliver has been doing this for like 12 years now including his time on the island and still goes into every fight with a “im going to lose” attitude, give us a slightly cocky Green Arrow who can make a couple jokes here and there. the dudes earned it.

Flash- again mostly its just letting the characters have some real fun but mostly Barry, honestly for season 5 after a couple episodes to set up excel id focus on the flash realising he is the strongest being in the arrowverse and the only reason he has any problems is because he slows down and lets people see him. also cut the cast a bit, imo either have elongated mad, killer frost, and vibe or excel and wally. oh and change wally’s lighting to blue, i know blue was Savatar’s lighting color but i just feel like its easy to get wally and berry mixed up when they’re running

Legends of tomorrow- i dont get the other guy who wants them to stop time traveling, i want them to lean farther into it, we’ve gotten teasers of the future with 2024 (?) star city and the savage war from season 1, but we also got a really cool prediction from the time masters. the Thanagarians are going to attack some time after savage would have taken over the world, this also happens in the justice league animated show meaning the arrowverse could be set 100+ years before the animated universe, id take this concept and run with it, going into the future unintentionally setting up events that happen in other shows/movies maybe even fixing any plot holes that ive forgotten sense the last time i watched a lot of the animated shows

Supergirl- remake the first two seasons to not include all the pc preaching and other slight differences that i personally found annoying and made me stop watching after a couple episodes of season 2. also do another crisis that collapses the two universes together rather than have the arrowverse not being a part of the DCEU

I love time traveling stories and Legends of Tomorrow’s first season was interesting but grew tired of all the traveling to the past and messing up shit as crazy stuff happens just to somehow fix everything perfectly enough at the end of each episode to not effect the present Arrowverse each week.

I rather they mostly travel to the future, go to different parrelel futures or just stick to the present

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