How would you read the new 52?

So I am about to start reading the new 52 and I was wondering what would be the best way to read the series during it?

I wanted to start with reading Batman but then I figured I may have a big problem and have to also read events and what happened in other books like justice league to understand what’s going on.

Well if I have to read justice League I may need to read aquaman or other series to understand what’s going on in justice League.

So could I be able to read just the Batman books straight through or would I end up missing out on a lot and not understand what’s going on?

I know there is an event called godhead and it has the green lanterns. So I probably need to be caught up on green lantern to read that story. Then you have many more cross overs.

What would you think is the best way?

Well, here’s what I posted for Batman in the Eternal thread:

You can read Zero Year with the help of this discussion thread:

Superman’s new origin is played out in Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics: