How would you improve Titans?

Even though I like Titans, I have a ton of issues with the show. I don’t know how to fix it, but I’d love to hear what you’d do.


I think I’d prefer the word “improve” over “fix” since I like it so much, however, I’d add in more humor in between the darkness. I loved the dancing in Bruce Wayne;" that was good stuff.


I like the show the way it is. I wouldn’t change anything. I love everything from the campy Adam West Batman show to the dark and gritty Batman vs. Superman movie.


The show had great action last sequence, like literally the best fighting choreography I’ve ever seen on a TV show, and yet this season was lacking in that regard, but this season has great plot and deeper characters, I think if they could get both things good, season 3 will cement this show as a staple of the DC Universe.


I like it but at the same time I’m bored with it. It’s missing a spark, there’s plenty of annoying suspense but nothing really pulling me back like “I have to see what happens next”. Especially with the last episode. Also, the whining is getting to me, a bunch of super heroes who do nothing but complain and hit eachother. Meh. They need to find some chill.


I think that goes a little with what I was saying. I’m not bored like you are, but I wish they weren’t all angst-y all the time. Sometimes, we should see them actually enjoy each other’s company.


I’m a pretty big fan of the show as it stands now but it has so much more potential. They have an amazing cast.

My tweak would be a simple one actually. Make them more like a family, and not reluctant roommates who seem to all share the same super power of bailing on each other.


Bring back the action! Season 1 was great. Season 2 is so slow and some of it doesn’t even make sense. Why do they never attempt to sneak up on Deathstroke? At least twice they just barge in thinking they are going to catch him by surprise and they are not even in battle gear or read to battle. Deathstrokes battle scenes seem really slow and weak too. If he is suppose to be this bad ass then his fighting style should show it. It seems like they dumbed down Dick Grayson too. I get Deathstroke is more powerful than him but the battle scenes with Dick and Deathstroke have alot to be desired and Dick seems to be easily outwitted in Season 2 as well.


I would like to see Nightwing in his outfit and more fight scenes


I dont really like the show. I have been trying since season 1, season 1 wasnt as bad but season 2 I just cant I liked how they introduced super boy and how he caught jason. I actually thought it was going to be really good after that but every episode just feels like your getting nothing but the run around and everything is going to happen on the next episode then it doesnt then it builds up more anticipation then nothing and when you do get something really good a fight scene or anything it’s like 30 seconds long and I just feel like it could be so much better. I love dc movies and shows and I watch every episode of titans the day they come out hoping every time it’s going to get better but it still just feels like they are just trying to fill the episodes with so much irrelevant stuff just to fill up 48mins then lead up to a really good crazy awesome next episode then it turns out just like the one before it. A filler. Like the full episode just feels like a filler too me. I’m really surprised so many people love it. It is not a very good superhero show and it most definitely is not the titans.

I cant be the only one who feels like this can I? lol

Also I love everything dc and I try so hard every episode to like it because I want to so bad lol so I hope you dont read this and think I’m sitting here trying to hate on the show because I’m really not I just know it could be a million times better than this in every way, I just wish it would happen.

P.S. pardon the spelling, wasnt paying attention I have wanted to say that for a long time but everytime I almost did I felt like everyone on here would totally disagree and and think I was just trying to hate on the show. I would really like to love the show and I keep waiting for it to happen and hoping for it but it hasn’t happened.


I wouldn’t mind a beast boy that actually tuns into animals. I mean, I get that you have a budget but come on.


The entire show’s just a runaround. No catharsis or direction. It’s about a team? No. It’s about keeping the team apart. Also, wear your costumes on missions, geniuses.


Dick Grayson. The actor looks like he would play the part just fine but he acts more like Bruce Wayne than his comic counterpart. Grayson morally should be in line with Superman rather than Batman.

Also I’m worried we will not see Nightwing suit until the last 20 minutes of the last episode.

Is there really anyway Beast Boy can stay green? Starfire staying orange?

Titans are like family. Family does fight. We get it. But how many more episodes does it need to be about “secrets to protect you from knowing?”

That said, I need to dig up the name of the actor playing Deathstroke. Absolutely phenomenal!


Raven needs beefed up and needs more control and add ons to her actual abilities. So far we have seen 2 of many and it seems like you don’t put a spotlight on on probably one of the the strongest DC characters .




I think they need to not devote entire episodes to back story. There needs to be more steady progression forward. It’s a really good show. But I hate feeling like I got ripped off every other week but not seeing the plot move.


Needs more Wally.


Much less deceptive angsty self destructive Dick Grayson, he wouldn’t really be this way after supposedly leaving Bruce Wayne over the same sort of behavior.
Have Gar trying his transformation skills and make his dialog funnier.
Lessen the divergent larger threat plotlines… 2 and maybe a small 3rd, not 5 or 6. Not Deathstroke, Blackfire, rogue dangerous Conner, Dick self destructing, whatever’s going to dev with Raven…
And stop making Conner quite so naive/ignorent. He has 2 very smart characters DNA and some level of memories, that should insinuate a much faster learning curve.

And I’m still pissed they whiffed on the Trigon storyline, he should have been saved for a larger plot later after or as a reason to have the team coalesce not.justbget off’d by Raven so easily.


But I do like the show and want it to continue!


While we don’t share the same opinion on the show, I do understand where you’re coming from. What an amazing thing it says about the characters, too, that you’re still invested despite not enjoying the show. Really speaks to great job Wolfman & Perez did crafting this team way back when.

The show is a slow burn, to me that was even more true last season, and I get that’s not everyone’s thing. Me, I dig it, for the most part.

Then, again, I’m one of, like, five people that liked the movie Glengarry Glen Ross, so what do I know.