How would you feel if one of your favorite characters, were killed off.

How would you feel,what would you do and why would you feel the way you do.

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He was in 1992. I was sad. Then Superman came back and I was happy.

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I would be upset but But death in comics never means forever

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My favorite is Nightwing and they have tried and keep on trying :confounded:


I am experiencing it right now

Of the six original Teen Titans, the four most important Titans had the following done to them

Donna Troy became a drunk. When not drinking she alternates between acting like Conan the barbarian, or acting morose.

Wally West and Roy Harper were killed in Heroes in Crisis.

Nightwing was shot in the head and has amnesia.

I am hoping with Nightwing that he gets reset soon. He looks like his old self in Doomsday Clock #9, which is set in the future

Wally may be alive and sentenced to work with the Suicide Squad. I rather he stay dead.

I’d only be upset if they killed a character I’d liked off because no one else liked or cared about them. If it was a meaningful death and story driven, I think I’d be more okay with it and maybe even happy they meant a lot to the story.

I would sigh, with some exasperation, and then say, “Not again. So, how do they bring Superman back this time?”



It happened, it sucked completely.

I’m happy that storywise - it was as good at is can get.

The reason for killing off the character however was messed up enough that I still haven’t forgiven it. I likely never fully will, but it’s worth reflecting on when it’s International Women’s Day.

How do I react to such things. I wish I could say I would take the high road, but no.

Complete boycott of the publisher for decades. It probably cost the publisher close to $10000 in lost sales just from me over the decades, and I hope it cost a lot more.

Want to kill someone, sure, do it in an Elseworld’s story, or for a short while if it really really serves a story. But there is a price to pay. That story hook better pay for itself really well.

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I’m already dealing with this yet again in the most recent death of Wally West.

I think I go through the normal stages of comic book grief and loss:
-Denial of Bleeding Cool rumors
-Nerd Rage
-Bargaining (sending cookies counts)


I mean, it happened to me, back in 2007. In the 52 maxiseries, The Question ultimately succumbed lung cancer, on his way to Nanda Parbat with his protege and friend Renee Montoya.

I was absolutely in shock and denial. The Question was one of my favorite characters, having discovered him through Justice League Unlimited. Now that I’d discovered fallen in love with him, they go ahead and kill him off? But it turned out to be a great move for Montoya’s character arc, and it inspired me to go on a deep dive through his back catalogue of stories, which was intensely rewarding. And I always knew that this was Comics. Someday, somehow, The Question would return.

It just took, um… 11 years.


I all I ask for is a good death, one that serves the story and and makes since. I hate publicity stunt deaths that are just for shock value to sell comics…lol even though that describes one of my favorite story lines " The Death of Superman"

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Death of Shazam… I would be devastated.

I think christowhit described it best!!!

Considering the fact that Wild Dog’s kind of a C-lister, it’d suck, but I wouldn’t take it personal.

On the other hand, if Bruce Wayne were to kick the bucket somehow, I’d like to see who DC passes the Bat mantle off to. If they pass the Bat mantle. It’s happened before, but never permanently.

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I personally stopped watching Arrow when they killed off Sarah Lance, luckily it didn’t take.

I would protest, in my heart.

The Joker dies a lot but he always gets better. Death doesn’t really stick to anyone for long.

Has Shazam died before?

Other than his metaphorical death when his Captain Marvel comics ceased publication that is.

If :penguin: Penguin die, I would be upset and sad.:frowning:



In 2011, about half of my top 10 heroes disappeared, had their histories unwritten, their personalities overhauled, or were otherwise dead, absent, or unrecognizable. Most of it either hasn’t been fixed or got broken again after a half-hearted attempt to fix it. So, I deal with it by reading old books and acting grouchy on the DC Universe forum.


Some specifics (presented in my usual long-winded list format) :
Batman dying was already a thing, and if it happened again, I’d actually be fine with it because he’ll always be back before long and it would be another good chance to give the supporting cast some spotlight for a while.

The Riddler dying would probably hit me harder since they might legitimately not bring him back. They’d probably even replace him with some obnoxious, trendy substitute who would get pushed for a year or so before fading into total obscurity. Man, I’m making myself sad just thinking about it.

Nightwing dying is a legitimate concern, but it wouldn’t last. You can’t keep the guy down for long. No matter how many stupid editorial decisions try to screw him over.

Catwoman dying wouldn’t concern me. I figure she’s still got at least a couple of her nine lives saved up.

Most of my other favorite heroes are either in the “already-died-and-came-back” category or the “so-absent-or-unrecognizable-since-Flashpoint-they’re-basically-dead-to-me” camp, now that I think about it.

I hate to admit it, but the Joker’s shtick is getting kind of old. I wouldn’t mind killing him off for a while. He’d be back, of course, but it would be cool to let Two-Face or Bane or somebody get the spotlight for a little while.

John Stewart dying would probably annoy me a fair bit.

Darkseid works best appearing only sporadically, so his dying for a while wouldn’t be a problem. I think he might actually be dead right now, right?

Black Canary dying would just be unnecessary. The character’s been so badly abused in other media (especially Arrow) that they really need to take it easy on her.

Deathstroke actually probably should’ve gotten killed off a long time ago. I like him, but he’s gotten away with a lot of evil stuff. Like, at least the Joker gets the tar beaten out of him and gets thrown back into Arkham every time he acts out. Deathstroke seems to get away with things because he’s got so much anti-hero cred. It would be interesting if his manipulative shenanigans caught up to him. It’s weird, because I do legitimately like Deathstroke as a villain, but I also think it would be a good idea for him to die and stay dead.

So yeah. This has been another unnecessarily long list, brought to you by BatJamags.


Sometimes I don’t mind at all, it can create finality and make certain moments more meaningful. But sometimes it bothers me a lot. Mostly, I think it depends on how it’s handled by the creative team and if that death lasts. I very much prefer characters staying dead (usually…)