How was "Three Jokers"? (No Spoilers Please)

I heard that all the issues for “Three Jokers” are finally out. I pre-ordered my trade, so I haven’t read any of them yet. But tell me - NO SPOILERS PLEASE - how was it?


The art is terrific, I’ll say that much.


Without going into any serious details, I will say that this is definitely an interesting take on the classic “Batman vs. Joker” conflict. Try not to think about current continuity too much, and consider rereading/skimming some classic Batman stories before jumping into this one, like the Joker parts of Batman No. 1 (1940), the “Laughing Fish” arc in Detective Comics, The Killing Joke, and A Death In The Family. I only bring it up because I found myself wishing that I had done that before reading “Three Jokers”.

The art is fantastic, probably some of Fabok’s best work yet. And for what it is, Johns did a pretty good job with the story.

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I haven’t read them, but I’m really looking forward to reading it when it comes to the DC Universe Infinite. :joker_hv_1: :joker_side_eyehqtas::clown_face:

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It’s… fine?

I just have the feeling that it spent so much time thinking about what it was that it completely forgot to say what it was. There was no real statement of purpose. Just a bunch of academic navel-gazing about comics that came out thirty-five years ago. Say what you want about Doomsday Clock, but at least it remembered to have a story.

It’s not actively bad, it just fails to justify its own existence outside of some genuinely stellar artwork. It came, it looked good for three months, and then left without leaving so much as a footprint.

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Art is amazing and I have no issue with it, but don’t get your hopes up too high. There are certain moments that can be surprising and shocking at first. However if you look past those and focus on what is trying to be said, it is a really good story. Not as good as The Killing Joke, but a solid book that tries a few new things.

I think that The Killing Joke is an overall great story. But similar to Watchmen, i do recognize its faults and issues that don’t hold up quite as well

I liked it. The art is gorgeous. And the story is great, even if I disagreed with a couple of things. If you want a Joker story with lots of Jason and Babs this is a good story to read. But it is a story that makes you think and it isn’t as direct of a story as I was expecting it to be. If that makes any sense at all…

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The art was AMAZING
story is a 6/10 for me, it was generally good but theres a subplot that really made the whole thing less enjoyable

Great Art. Ending could have been better

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Yeah, art was awesome! The story could have been a bit better, imo. But I enjoyed it.