How was the Titans Finale?

Terrible. Even as a diehard DC fan the series has been a massive disappointment. None of the main four actors can act, especially Brenton Thwaites. Young Justice Season 3 needs to be amazing in order to salvage this streaming service.


It was good, but I expected more. I feel the trailer/sneak peek for it was more exciting than the episode, but I can’t wait for Superboy and Krypto to be in the next episode!

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I thought it was a really good episode, never thought they would resolve the Terror of Trigon storyline this season. Trigon needs a full season of development, anything less wouldn’t do the character justice.

I thought it was great, all you jokers saying it was a bad finale because it didn’t resolve everything … what show does lmao?

lol foodini, it didn’t resolve “everything” … it didn’t resolve ANYTHING :stuck_out_tongue: I liked it, I was just expecting something different. I don’t think it was a bad episode. Just doesn’t really work as a finale, the definition of which is “the end”.

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The finale is good…it’s just Dick embracing his darkness…but will he be able to rise above it all and have his redemption?..I think we’ll have our answer in the 2nd season…the tease about Superboy and Krypto is a nice one…just bear with it folks, this is a marathon, not a sprint…:sunglasses:

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I fell asleep and missed the Watch-A-Long, BUT I recently finished it on my own tonight and I thought it was a good episode. It’s better than some of the other episodes in the season. It didn’t feel like a finale though. If I didn’t already know it was the last episode of the season, I would have thought there were more episodes to follow. This would have been a great mid-season finale for a 24-episode split television season. That being said, I think this finale is enough to drive the series forward into season 2; they have to continue the narrative arc.

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I thought it was a bit disappointing. I was really enjoying the show up to this episode. Learned today it wasn’t even supposed to be the finale. There was apparently supposed to be at least one more episode that served as the real finale, but the showrunners decided to end on a cliff hanger. There were more graceful ways to do this, but just literally cutting out the last episode is not it. That being said, that end credits scene has me excited for the next season.


I thought it was a fine episode. It had a cliffhanger and a great credit scene. I also thought this first season could have ended on a better finale though. I was not looking for all to be resolved. However, upon learning there was supposed to be at least another episode and maybe a second somewhere was a little disappointing.

The season seemed a little disjointed but most first seasons of shows tend to be.

I am still glad I watched and I am still looking forward to season two.

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I think it’s a terrible way to end the season. It kills any pacing they were building and just overall left me baffled. Why would anyone think ending a season with a dream sequence and absolutely zero resolution. Dick never even fights Batman, like we were advertised. He doesn’t even say a word and is more cgi and quick cuts than anything else.

It’s like someone gave us a novel, but ripped out the last chapter and told us to come back next year to read the rest.

I’m just incredibly disappointed. I expected at least a full story arc and one big team fight from the first season.


Disappointed but not surprised.

It was an okay episode of TV, but I sure as heck didn’t feel like I was watching a show about the Titans. I get it, making Dick reach the point of no return to Robin will be important and character development, but all that to end the season on? No. They should have spent more time at least trying to incorporate Kory, Rachel, and Gar, instead of focusing so much on this random Dawn/Dick pairing that I still don’t understand where/how/why the writers decided to have them as an item. Seems forced and unnecessary, but that’s just my own opinion. This episode would have been much better for a Nightwing/Gotham-based spinoff show. I’m paying this subscription to watch a show about the Titans, my favorite comic book team, not just about Dick Grayson (even though I do love him as a character.)

The second season will either start off with the big fight or be another filler/build-up to the Trigon battle. All I know is that I really want to be done with this Trigon mess early into the second season; it’s dragged on long enough. Get it over with, writers! Move on to the next arc – which, going by the end credits, is going to be about bringing Superboy into the mix (and Krypto?) so that should be fun.

I’m more mad about the fact that over this season, we still have very little information about either Kory or Gar, so I’m hoping that the writers realize that fans do want more of them, not just Rachel and Dick. Fingers crossed, I guess.

So yeah, overall, I was let down. There were some very poor story-telling decisions made and the execution was not great. Not to say I don’t like the show, because I do. I think there’s a whole lot of potential with the material and different ways the writers can go with these characters. So as long as they take into account some fan feedback every once in a while, I will continue to watch. I’m just going to chalk most of this up to it being the show’s pilot season and from here on out, the things will continue to grow and progress in a better direction.


Just a reminder, Redhood.55520 asked for no spoilers.

Let down:/

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Wish could’ve been longer since it will be awhile before new season but this season really leaves you hanging

Honestly, I’m disappointed. I heard that we were going to see Nightwing, Rachel and Kory getting new suits, but that didn’t happen. Plus, the finale was too short.


Like most people have said, it’s a good episode but not what I was personally looking for in a finale. If there were three or four more episodes this season, I’d be happy, but I’m a bit disappointed to have to wait another year or so for more episodes.


It’s trash.

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Loved it. We bought the service, we know more is coming. How often are we cliff hung with comics. I feel it brought everyone’s story to relatively the same point, essentially understanding who they are inside, what they can do, but no clue where to go from here, and without each other, it could go all wrong. I’m mad I have to wait, but only because I want more.

I wish we could have seen all of the Titans get shown an alternate reality. It would have made for even more cool else-world stories.