How to Start Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing Run?

I’ve been wanting to read his run on swamp thing but I dont where to start/what issues he wrote. Can anyone help?

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The Saga of the Swamp Thing (1982)

Issues #20-#61,#63-64, and Annual #2


Is that it? Couldve sworn there was more.

His run started with issue #20, but that one was largely a wrap-up of the arcs from the previous writer. Here are the first two arcs of Moore’s run.


In another thread talking about Swamp Thing, a similar question came up. One of the answers I supported there, was to go even farther back.

I would read all of the original Swamp Thing series and the first 19 issues of the 80s run. For me, the magnificence of the Alan Moore run depends a bit on really appreciating who the character was before Moore got ahold of him. The context and the contrasts make Moore’s stories that much sweeter.


So like @IrishX said

Those are all written by Alan moore?

I guess but but I read Geoff johns Green lantern and that was my first time reading Green lantern and I was fine. I also just finished Grant morrison’s doom patrol and I loved it, some people I should’ve read the previous run others said I didn’t have to so chose not to and I still liked Doom patrol.

Yes, and he also wrote DC Comics Presents #85, a Superman/Swamp Thing crossover.

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I read from Saga of the Swamp Thing # 1, but honestly that was too far back. I didn’t care much for the previous arc, up til where Karen dies… You could start at issue 17 maybe and be pretty caught up for # 20.

I will say, the few Swamp Thing issues I read from the earlier run by Len Wein served me well - just enough to know Anton Arcane, Abby Arcane, and Matt Cable. I think that foreknowledge served me better than anything else in Saga up to # 17. Even then, Moore’s first three pages, and I could already tell his run was on another level. But knowledge of the characters still helps I think if you aren’t impatient.