How to Read Superman Comics

Hey community! Ok so I’m new to the superman comics and discovering there’s a ton of crossover between the different titles. I was reading Michael Turner and Joe Kelly’s Godfall starting in Action Comics #812 and then #813 and felt like I’d missed a huge chunk of the story. After looking it up online, its broken up over 3 different Superman titles. Worse yet I can’t find them all here. :frowning: Is this normal for Superman stories and do other characters like Batman have the same thing? I was even looking for some label in the comic to direct me to some other book but there wasn’t anything. So my question is, how do you read these stories if they are all over the place and is there some pattern to them or you just have to keep an eye on all the titles? In the mean time, I’ll sulk until I can find the other issues!

  • Action Comics #812
  • Adventures of Superman #625
  • Superman (Volume 2) #202
  • Action Comics* #813
  • Adventures of Superman #626
  • Superman (Volume 2) #203

In the 1990s, the Superman titles featured a numbering system to help readers keep track of the reading order. The number would appear in a triangle on the cover, so fans tend to refer to this period as the Triangle Era. By 2004, the triangle numbers no longer appeared on the covers.


Thanks, this is good to know! This story line was done in 2004 which explains why there’s no triangle. I’d love to see the DC Universe recommend related comics to the ones you are reading. That would be super helpful!


It is common that the two crossover and it does suck sometimes if not the complete series is not on here. However since you are new to Superman books, I will recommend a short list of other titles you should read as soon as you can. I hope you enjoy these.

All Star Superman: Must Read This!
For All Seasons
Red Son
Birthright/Secret Origins
Secret Identity
Action Comics #775 - What’s so funny about Truth, Justice, and the American Way
Superman #423/Action Comics #583 - Whatever Happened to the Man of Tommorrow
Superman Rebirth Run


Thank you for the suggestions!

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Fine recommendations by fellow members. May I add Superman: For Tomorrow? Here’s a link to the storyline here on DCU:


Superman lois and clark
Superman Rebirth


This is seriously a frustrating problem on this app.

Someone could take it seriously and it would be amazing.


@AlexanderKnox Here, have a grant. :slight_smile:

@barb.lake18 As a huge Superman fan (especially of the Godfall arc you referenced), I too lament the digital lack of all but two issues of it. You can check out my Comic Book Print to Digital Request Thread to request those issues if you like.

A request doesn’t guarantee anything, but the squeaky wheel does get the grease, and you wouldn’t be the first to request the rest of Godfall in digital. :clark_hv_4:


This app desperately needs more Silver Age Superman books.


No argument here. Bronze Age Superman material is a must too.


The Bronze Age Superman books featured that great Swan and Anderson artwork. There are a few of them on here, but not enough. All of the early '70’s Action Comics featuring that great team are still absent. Plus, we are missing out on dozens of books scripted by Bates and Maggin.


My hope is that Silver and Bronze Age Superman will become a priority once DC Universe Infinite takes off.

If someone wants Infinite Superman, we’ll need the Silver and Bronze Age books, no question.


I recommend reading Superman birthright and For all seasons as starting point for superman, also use wiki to look up the full storyline for comics. It’s kind of a drag but you’ll get use to it. here’s an example

While action comics 699 is the first issue of this story, you would think action comics 700 is the next issue but no, the next issue is superman man of steel 34, and you work your way done. Wikipedia helped me a lot but as someone people said the next issues is said somewhere at the end of the end of the issue you’re reading.


I don’t want to create a new thread but I wanted some assistance in how to read Superman Rebirth.

From this thread, it appears I need to read Superman Lois and Clark and THEN Superman Rebirth.
I finished Superman Rebirth #1, but then it appears to redirect me to Action Comics #957. Will that be my reading order? Superman Rebirth issue, Action Comics issue, Superman Rebirth, and repeating?

I am super picky about chronological order, and I really want to read this properly.

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Heya @chris1Superman, welcome back! There’s a really useful Rebirth Reading Order topic. I recommend starting with the Guide, which you can find here:

That will take you through to the actual breakdown, which, in summary, looks like this:

Superman Family Part 1
– New Super-man: Made in China –

– Superman: Son of Superman –

– Action Comics: Path of Doom –

Hope this helps, and welcome back to the forums! :superman:

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@chris1Superman The reading order Applejack provided which I wrote is fairly accurate to the story. While the release ORDER is different. This is the best reading experience. I haven’t updated it with Bendis’s run, but everything up to that should be good. I would say to do either the easy or medium version unless you really want to read every superman book

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Thank you, i really do want to read every superman book so I plan on reading Superman Rebirth Phase 1 Hard Reading Order

I appreciate the work you did in providing an easy to read list. I’m guessing Superman has a lot of crossover, and some other characters may be easier. I am committed to Superman though, just wished it was simple to follow without researching.

Superman doesn’t have a TON of important crossover. It’s the side cast that really crosses over. For example, Superboy is in 3 different series (Superman, Action Comics, and Super Sons) while Superwoman is in 2 (Superwoman and Action Comics (if I recall). So just be aware that Superman himself only plays a major role in Action Comics and Superman.