How to Get an Already Taken Username

Is there a Superhero you really like but their name is taken so you have to add some word or number? Heres a trick to just get the name itself.

1.Go to where you can change your profile pic and username by clicking “MY DC” under your profile pic in the top right.

2.Type the name of the Superhero you want under by clicking on the edit icon on your profile pic bellow the banner
3.Then put a period behind their name and save
4.Enter the community and the period will be gone

note this can only be done once so if someone beat you at your second chance its gone for good.


I place my two user names under eternal dibs.


I remember @Kon-El-Prime was devastated that someone took his username when he changed his name for a season and thought he couldn’t just be Kon-El ever again. If he gets back on and sees this he would be happy. “Kon-El.” is not taken yet.


Yeah. I’m not around as much anymore. Looks like Kon-El is taken yet again. :man_shrugging: