How to fix the Joker

This is how I’d retcon Leto’s character without any problems.
First, the real joker dumped Harley and has disappeared from the crime scene for a while. In his absence many posers have taken on the mantle to try and climb the criminal ladder. Harley was devastated after joker dumped her, refusing to believe it so she’s been moving from fake to fake, until in suicide squad where we see her with a new fake: Leto. This could work as we never saw a real batman and joker interaction, since he knew all along .
What are your thoughts on this?

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This could allow a DCEU movie with a joker and batman

Personally I’d just recast him and never mention the difference. Let the audience’s imagination fill in the gaps.


I felt like people would just complain about DC being incompetent so I wanted a creative way to write him out