How Perspective Changes

Back in 94, 14 year old me tried his damnedest to get into the Ted Knight Starman series. However, it wasn’t to be. I found it too wordy and not in the glib style of Clairemont or Wolfman who envoked pulp adventures in their prose. I found the art too rough compared to Lee, Silvestei, Romata, etc. So before issue three even hit shelves I dropped it and never looked back, getting confused on the nearly three decades since when people talk about how amazing it was.

With Stargirl’s release and DC Universe’s generous catalogue I figured I’d give it another shot (by the way page 16 of issue 5 is broken). ■■■■■■■■ this book is amazing! I want to wait until I finish it before going into detail about it but … Wow, I was a childish fool for dropping this 26 years ago!


Haha. To be fair, I used to like a lot of books that were excessively violent or vulgar when I was in HS. It felt like that made comics “not for kids” so I embraced it. There are many books I didn’t appreciate until I got older too or just understood better as a result.


Ah, the James Robinson Starman series! It holds a place near and dear to my heart. Hopefully you’ll entire the series from beginning to end :slightly_smiling_face:


I used to read ShadowHawk. I know what ya mean.


Oh man, Shadowhawk.

You know I have to give it to Image they not only survived their totally extreme beginnings but even in that time they marketed the hell out of those properties.

Hey DC Universe release the Gen 13 pilot! I’d like to see it in other than sub 480p.

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Looking back, I’m both surprised and happy DC Direct put out so much Starman merchandise. For a series that was in the DCU but was its own little corner in the beginning, they really had a lot of faith to put out things like the statue, the pin, the watch, etc

My only regret is now so much of it is hard to find. Then again, much like Jack would love, it’s all in the chase.


Once again I’m begging on my hands and knees for DC to reissue Robinson’s Starman in two big omnibuses. Please, please, just please do it already!


Those would be some huge editions!

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I think that they recognized that those who were reading loved it and really “ate up” the mech. I always wanted that leather jacket.

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@WallyHud me too!
Also, welcome to the boards! :slightly_smiling_face: