How Much of the DC Universe Do You Like?

Here’s something that I’ve been pondering for a while now: how much of the DC Universe (meaning characters and teams, not series and stories) do you like? And how much of the DC Universe does one need to like to be considered a DC fan? I ask because, if I had to estimate, I would guess that I only really like about 40% of the DC Universe. 40%. Less than half. That’s 60% of the DC Universe that I’m either totally apathetic about or actively dislike. And I’m not talking about minor characters here, either. I mean there are major, major characters and teams that are core to the identity of the DC Universe that I just have no interest whatsoever in reading/watching anything about. So, you tell me: is 40% too little? Do I need to turn in my DC fan card? Am I just a fan of those specific characters/teams that I like and not a “DC fan”? Does it matter which of the characters/teams are the ones I dislike? And how much of the DC Universe do you like? (Almost) all of it? (Just) some of it? (Almost) none of it (then what are doing here?!?)? I’m curious. Let’s discuss!


I’m not that fond of much of the magic side or the alien side. Like, I like the Green Lanterns, but stuff like Rann or Thanagar don’t interest me.


Less than 40% here. I stick to the stuff I love like Johns and Miller’s works.

I have absolutely no interest in key pieces like The Teen Titans, find Captain Carrot to simply be decent, and I completely lose all sense of dread every Darkseid shows up now.


Street level heroes, the JSA, and Superman Are pretty much all I like.

98% of cosmic hero stuff I couldn’t care less about.


These are good questions. I’ll answer for myself.

Far as DC goes, it’s Superman first, followed in no particular order by Wonder Woman, Batman, and Justice League stories. That’s what I care about and follow the most (whether on the page or on the screen). I like other DC stuff, with various degrees of interest, but my DC experience revolves around the above. I don’t know how to put a percentage on that, nor do I care to, quite frankly (no disrespect to @KookieSuperApe for doing so of course). I just know that I spend a good amount of time, money, and energy reading, watching, collecting and talking about DC stuffs. When I see the DC symbol, I get the warm & fuzzy. Maybe not as much as when I see the House of El symbol, but warm & fuzzy nonetheless. If that’s not a fan, then I don’t know what is.

Regarding being a fan of the characters and “not DC”, I thought about this, and I don’t think they’re mutually exclusive. If DC sells their Superman rights to another publisher (outlandish, I know), I will no doubt start buying those comics. That does not take away the 80+ years of stories that DC has put out and I’ve enjoyed though; I’ll always be a huge fan of that.

In my opinion, a fan is a fan. Weather you’re fair-weather or hard core is completely up to you, and shouldn’t affect your “DC card” whatsoever. Consider it like a library card. Whether you spend every spare moment in there or visit once a year, it’s still yours and you’re still a member.

That’s how I think anyway :slightly_smiling_face:.


I really can’t say how much of the DC Universe one has to like before they can be considered a DC fan. As far as I am concerned, if someone says they are a DC fan, they are a DC fan. As for myself, I love a wide swathe of what DC has published the past 80+ years: the superheroes, their Western titles, their horror titles, their war titles, et. al. Now there are certain characters I am drawn to more than others (Batman, Green Lantern, Constantine, et. al.) and others I don’t really care for, but I still think of myself as a DC fan.


This :point_up_2:


For me, I like 99% of DC. There are several things that I haven’t gotten to yet, but from what I’ve read/watched in DC, it’s near perfect for me


Most of it. Probably over 80%.


I like most of it! There are pockets it’s difficult for me to connect with, like Doom Patrol or the Legion of Super-Heroes. But I can have a good time in most corners of the universe.




This is a great question.

I feel as if I like most of what I read. But I couldn’t even put a percentage on what I’ve read of the DCU. I know I’ve read a ton of Batman and Flash. And pockets of stuff beyond that. But honestly, it’s probably not that big of a number.

I’d say I like 90% of what I read. That’s just a guess but I think it’s close. As I read more of the DCU I’m sure that number will change. But I don’t think there is a threshold percentage that makes someone a ‘fan’. If you like something you are a fan. That should be all it takes.

I guess I’m really just trying to say this:

And it has already been said. Nicely put Moro.


I love Jason Todd (the absolute most) and I like the Batman side of DC. Sure, I enjoy getting to see multiple characters interact in shows like Justice League/JLU, Stargirl, Titans, etc…, but at the end of the day, Red Hood, Harley Quinn, and Batfamily related series (that don’t have a million issues) are the ones I’m most likely going to choose to read. Not that I don’t like other characters, but my window available for reading is limited, so I’m going to choose to read about the characters I adore the most, like Jason for example.


I love the topics that make us think @KookieSuperApe! Thank you for sharing! I agree with @mercurie80 and @moro - if you say that you’re a fan, then you are a fan - of anything.

The DCU is an amazing place to explore. I’m also not a huge fan of some of the major players (obviously that does not apply to Batman), but I’ve been lucky enough to meet others here who adore those characters and come to understand more about them through their experiences. In turn, I’ve been able to share my love of these characters and discover a vast expanse of heroes and villains that I never knew even existed.

This universe is endless so don’t count yourself out just yet. Your next DC obsession might be one comic away (perhaps Deathstroke or Kamandi). :grinning:


I am a fan and an advocate for the organization called
“DC.” I would like the entity called “DC” to continue to exist and publish its catalog of characters and teams.

I also wish well and advocate for other comic book publishers and their characters, many of which no longer exist.

Percentage-wise, part of the charm of publishers like DC is they wisely offer something for everyone. My experience has been that most DC fans are really fans of a small piece of the overall publishing of DC. DC is fine with that. This is a reason I believe we have so many diverse clubs here.

I guess I must enjoy at least half the stuff, and also btw half the stuff that Marvel cranks out, because I pay yearly for Unlimited / Infinite to both, and get far more than my money’s worth from each, along with Comixology Unlimited.

But I really don’t just read because it’s a certain character or group. I follow writers. Back in the late '70s when Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart and Marv Wolfman crossed over from Marvel (Avengers / Dracula etc) to DC, I tagged along. Nowadays writers like Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, Mark Russell drag me along with them to all kinds of publishers.


So you like and dislike Spectre.


I would say I like about 75% of the stuff DC puts out. Certain things I really don’t like. Lobo is a character I don’t care for, and I absolutely despise the Batman Who Laughs. I read Death Metal because it was on here, but it felt interminable and I was extremely happy to see the end of it. I feel the same way about Marvel comics. As others have said, you are a fan if you say you are.


I am open to liking just about anything in the DC universe. All it needs is a writer who can make the character, team, or concept work.


Like Garth Ennis!!!


Superman, Justice League, Legion, Batfamily, Justice Society, Infinity Inc., Outsiders, New Gods, Swamp Thing, Teen Titans, Doom Patrol…

I’m a fan, but as it is with much fiction, it depends on the creative team. I love DC, but just because I do doesn’t mean it’s always good. I read little of Bendis Superman. Only like Grant Morrison and Gerard Way Doom Patrol.