How Much Hope Is There That Cameron Will Join JSA?

The more the season goes on and I see the Mankent family dynamics - the less hope I have for him joint JSA. This makes me sad - Although Cameron hasn’t had a lot of screen time - he is very likable! One of my favorite parts of the show is the father/son relationship between Jordan and Cameron.

Here is my fear. When Jordan told Cameron that he killed the rival for his wife’s affections, I was not clear if Cameron shrugged that off as a joke, or if he totally comprehended what his dad meant and simply accepted it like “of course you did, Dad, that is so Icicle…” Cameron comes off as a nice guy to me, but I think it could be well possible he is completely aware of his family’s history and is on board with that. In which case he might get close to Courtney and we find out he is a bad guy after all. Or conversely, he might see Courtney try (or succeed) to kill his dad, and that could be what tips him over into becoming a villain himself. He just seems to me like a tragedy waiting to happen all wrapped up in a bow for Courtney to untie.