How many pulls do you all have?

I really only get a handful of titles, mainly Flash and JL. I also throw in some mini and maxi series that look interesting, like Metal, Doomsday Clock, Heroes in Crisis. Otherwise, I find it too hard to keep up with so many titles. Especially Batman. Do we really need so many different Batman titles? Curious if people actually read ALL of them?

current pulls

Heroes In Crisis
JL Dark
JL Odyssey
The Green Lantern (excellent btw)
Martian Manhunter
Detective Comics
Batman Who Laughs
Superman Year One

Non Dc

Murder Falcon
MST3K The Comic

How is that MST comic?

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Funny, and a very clever concept. Basically the guys get dropped into cheesy old comics, and of course riffing ensues.

Hmm. Who publishes it?

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Dark Horse, I believe.

That’s right, I thought it was DH. I’m traditionally DC only in my comics, but for MST I may make an exception. Who’s the human lead with the bots?

To be on topic, I’ve read the entire Batman line at various points. Not currently but in the past, it just depends on what’s in it at a given time.

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It’s the new guy, Jonah. Guy is very funny. Yeah, me to. I kind of drop in and out of some titles depending on who’s writing, etc. Superman is about the only one I always stay with. I usually have 10-12 in my list, but I stockpile them, and binge read when I get some free time.

Yeah, Jonah’s a hoot. The Mac and Me episode was hilarious.

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I get 100% DC, but since I’m still a student I can’t afford a lot. I get Sideways, The Terrifics, Shazam!, and Damage.

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Nightwing, Red Hood, and Titans. I buy Batman and Detective Comics in trade. Just added Snyder’s Justice League. Currently also Heroes in Crisis

Justice League (Scott Snyder)
Justice League Dark
Justice League Odyssey
Heros in Crisis
Doomsday Clock
Batman Damned
The Batman who Laughs

All digital these days…

I get about ~10 DC Pulls a week. I stock-pile them as well as I am really behind unless I can read a current standalone story, like “Heroes In Crisis”. e.g. last week I had:

Aquaman #43 (2016)
Batman #61 (2018)
Batman Kings of Fear #5
Damage #12 (2017)
Freedom Fighters #1 (2018)
Justice League #14 (2018)
Teen Titans #25 (2016)

And yes I tend to pull MOST Batman-related titles as they seem to become “hot items”, e.g. Batman “Damned”.

I’ve had to severely cut back on my pull list in recent months so at the moment its very small.

Adventures of the Super Sons
Doomsday Clock
Heroes in Crisis
Justice League Odyssey
Red Hood: Outlaw
Teen Titans

I’m reading most of the rest of my old pull list in trades for the time being until I’ve had a chance to adjust my budget for comics.