How many of you love comics , but aren’t that fond of live action superhero films?

As far as the DCEU and MCU go, I’ve enjoyed a few films here and there, but overall live action super hero films don’t really do it for me. I’m curious, are there any others out there who feel the same way?

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The movies are great.

This is me to a tee. Every time people learn I’m a comic book fan, they want to talk to me about movies based on comics. They’re totally different media!


@HubCityQuestion Yes! You just summed it up perfectly lol

My main gripe has to do with Fox studios and their interpretation of a few characters in the X-Men Many Rouge That is not the character from the comics

Sorry I just read the title and not the question

While I enjoy the films and a lot of the shows, the oversaturation is something that is starting to annoy me. While I do enjoy every MCU movie, the repetitiveness of the tone is making me loose interest. DCEU movies are getting better, so I’ll leave it at that. And there are just too many TV shows. I read comics in one form or another everyday now, so I don’t need superheroes invading every form of entertainment I consume. Hey yeah it’s gonna be cool to see Renee Montoya on the big screen for Birds of Prey, but I much rather see a good Renee Montoya story in comic books.

It is annoying that when I say I’m a comic book fan, everyone just wants to talk about the movies. I get it… the movies and tv shows are cool and made for a wider audience. But being a fan of “superhero films” does not make you a comic book fan. And I am a Comic Book Fan.


Personally I like both, but shows more than films recently. They need that kinda run time I think to really build a story.I really did enjoy titans greatly.