How many of you are reading Super Sons?

And how do you like it?

For me it reminds me so much of the young justice comics from the 90s.

I know this might be controversial but I think Damian and John have a better dynamic then there fathers.


Super Sons is fantastic! It’s DC best book (along with Hawkman). It’s entertaining, funny and a pleasure to read.

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Super Sons is great. My nieces and nephews enjoy it a lot and I do as well.

Super Sons was fun as is Adventures of the Super Sons. Good stuff.

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I loved it. The dynamic between them deserves a movie franchise. Excellent stuff.

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It’s seriously my favorite story in Rebirth, I was pissed when they stopped it but was happy as hell they came out with a 12 issue max series

I read them all and its my favorite DC rebirth run so far.

Love it

Just wish it was ongoing :’(