How many actually wanted Jason Todd dead vs wanting Red Hood now?

Just to see how many people disliked the character and want him gone vs wanting red hood in the show now.

To get a more accurate poll on the popularity of the character

I want redhood!

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I don’t want Red Hood at all.

Why are people so against Todd😁?
What would be cool to see is Jason Todd vs Damon Wayne?
Those two should go at it :bearded_person:t6::+1:t6:

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I cant speak for everyone, but my problem with Todd was that he was an obvious attempt to make “Robin” edgier. As a result, the character was just unlikable for many Batfans, a lame stand in for a beloved character.
Then when he died, it solidified the idea that death IS a possible consequence, raising the stakes for Batman stories and adding some much needed character development to the Batman character. His biggest loss, Jokers greatest triumph, totally undone years later on a whim and resulted in a new, totally generic edge-lord character.

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