How Long Does It Takes To Make A Comic Book?

:slightly_smiling_face: Being a fan of both DC and Marvel comics, I always wonder as a kid, How long does it take to make a comic book? How long does a writer has when he or she come up with a story and how long does a artist and colorist has when making a 22 pages of comic? Also is being a Editor is like being a director of a movie or TV show, wanting the people see how each panel should look? Sorry for a lot of questions, I’m just curious.


Ther’s really no hard and fast answer to that question.

It takes most artists about a month to draw one which is why the art switches alot on DC’s twice monthly titles. Inking usually takes as little less time than pencilling though an artist like Jim Lee who throws in a lot of detail and heavy shadows will take longer.

Writing time will vary based on whether the book is dialog intense or not. A writer who puts alot of words that you see (say Bendis) will take longer than one who is more action oriented (like Johns). I’d say that most professional writers can knock out a twenty page script in a week.

Letterers work the fastest since they can create what are essentially macros to help them produce more pages per hour. The letterers I know seem to do a book every couple of days.


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Hey ReaganFan78,

First, love the name (go Ronnie!). The time to produce a comic also depends on the era. Jack Kirby during the Silver and Bronze Age lived at his drawing board penciling 2-3 comics per month. Few have matched his work ethic or artistic output. Jack was an idea machine who was constantly thinking. His wife Roz would have to drive for him because he would get distracted and almost wreck the car.

These days, the art is more complex including better coloring and paper stock so it is difficult for many artists to keep up with a monthly schedule. They still work very hard and most for the love of comics! Many could make more money in art professions such as advertising.

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