how long do comics usually stay on the app?

Tons of comics I’m trying to read. But before I get too far how long do comics usually stay on the app?

@Wardo the Mods have said that at present, they do no anticipate taking anything off the comics library for the foreseeable future; however, as they analyze the popularity of content, if something is not popular and they have requests for other things that would be, they will replace it. They have said that they will provide ample notice in this scenario. They currently have capacity to provide 5,000 comics at a time. They are listening to the community about what they want and are adapting accordingly. I think you are safe to start reading anything on the service presently without fear of it leaving for a while.

Most likely rotation is going to start again in April or May once the 5,000 title limit has been reached so that they can continue with regular additions. Its unclear exactly how this will be carried out but if the video portion of the service is any indication I’d guess that a bunch of stuff will leave early in the month to be replaced weekly with new selections.

I’m dreading the day that the rotations start up again. Really wish they didn’t do that.

I am holding out hope that the comics are doing so well they will continue to add with little or no removing, even if add much slower. Yeah, it’s a dream but don’t know if it’s impossible… aim high! :slight_smile:

Yeah. I agree that the comics are definitely the main selling point of this platform, and they need to stop short selling it.

Most people are like, “I’ve already seen most of the movies.” “I don’t care about the TV shows.” “There’s not enough original content.”

But when you’re also offering a library of 20,000+ comics with 80+ years of history, you stand out. Nobody else is offering this combination of comics and video.

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It took them over two months of negotiations with various partners to increase the number of titles and in doing so they had to eliminate about half of the initial selection to make room. I would prefer that if they’re not going to go full on Unlimited (which I have a feeling their deal with Comixology and Amazon won’t permit) that they continue regular additions and subtractions, increasing the size of the library when and if conditions allow for it.

Its less of a shock to the system especially if they give us a month or more of notice like they did with the second chance titles back in January. It also lets them continue to add on a regular basis which is probably better for long term subscriber retention as it increases engagement with the app from week to week. Case in point I have so many media apps that I don’t use any of them regularly but I’m always checking to see what’s new. If stuff stopped getting added I would probably unsubscribe.