How Library might increase sales of trades

My initial reaction to having a complete digital library of DC comics is that it would affect Trade sales in a bad way.

This is a true “Try before you buy” situation now. So lesser series will have lesser sales.

But classics and series almost halway through might have increased sales.

For example, when Doomsday Clock hits issue 6 here, hopefully the rest of the series will be available in Trade.

There should be a huge demand for that Trade to see what happened.

People might also buy the first trade, because nothing beats print, for art and stories.


The approach of waiting a year before having


Ignore last sentence.

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Comic book herald did a report on this awhile ago. It’s really interesting.


This is a constant struggle of patience. Do I wait a year (or 6 months for Marvel) and read the arc 1 issue a month? Or buy the trade and read it all now?

Sometimes I cave and buy the trade, other times I just move on to another series/arc.


There’s so much content in general, both new and from many past decades, that it can be easy to be overwhelmed with the amount you want to read. And I think that leads a lot of people to shy away from comics (or not pay for them) because there’s no way they can afford everything they want to read. Services like DCU and MU are great because they make it easy to afford to read a huge chunk of the library. And then you can pay for just a couple top favorites, as they come out, and patiently wait for things that you really like, but maybe don’t love (or find them hit-and-miss).

It makes my shelf of TPB/omnibuses not feel like a drop in the overwhelming bucket, but more like my favorite hits list that I add to from time to time.


I actually had this debate and I was explaining to my roommate (not really into the world of comics and DC/Marvel) that although it may affect sales, I don’t think it’ll be too detrimental. I strongly believe, like others have mentioned, that the hobby of collecting and having the physical trades is soo so powerful. It’s essentially what makes us geeks…collecting :smiley: Someone else put it beautifully :point_up:t3:

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