How is jason dying the majority vote in titans?

It doesnt make any sense to me. Jason dying here gives him no reason to be the red hood in titans. His last view will be dick trying to save him and sacrifice himself for jason. There would be no real valid reason to be scorned by batman or even want to be red hood. Other than personal motive would be a much worse explanation and it would be a disservice to the character and the comics. He should stay robin for the rest of the season and then we watch him keep making understandable stupid mistakes cause of his ego which leads for him to be kicked off titans. And bruce doesnt let him come back so he strikes off as his own and dies by himself with dick and bruce trying to rescue him. Its to early for jason to die


Instead of assuming he will die, have faith that he will live. For if even one person believes, existence is assured (Fairies and Flash #163).

Superboy or raven saves him

He feels scorned by Batman sending him to the Titans, and again by Dick not letting him work with older Titans.

We want Red Hood!


If he lives, he will stir things up at the tower for the team as a Robin with more great moments like the “Lights out bitch!” moment fron season 1.
If he dies, he will be resurrected as the Red Hood influenced by Deathstroke, cleaning up crime in a super violent way.

Hats off to the Robin II actor. He is killing it. No pun intended.


Are we using royal pronouns, now,

I don’t want a Red Hood series. Holding up a psychotic multiple murder didn’t make him a hero or anti hero. It just makes him a stone cold murder. Full stop. And he should be treated as such.

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I’m not a fan of the whole Red Hood thing. I kind of feel like it was pointless to resurrect him, especially since it was clear that they didn’t really have a coherent plan for using his character. I just don’t see how it added anything.

No way, I don’t want a Red Hood tv show but I would like to see a Red Hood at some point in Titans.

To each their own @Anonymousbluebeetle

The Titans have enough dramarama already. Adding a psychotic multiple murder trying to be a hero or an anti-hero, I’ll take a hard pass in. Red Hood is still a stone cold murder. A one episode villain I could take and maybe not vomit all the way through.

Jason in Titans is doing ok in a group dynamic. A team is the healthiest place for him, but not as leader. He leaves the team and he reverts to the same egotistical, narcissistic SOB he always as been.

I admit, I called and voted for him to die back in the day. I still stand by my vote and I stand by the idea that the red hood brings jack to the DC Universe. Put his murdering butt in blackgate without possibility of parole.

If asked if ANYONE should die, the internet will ALWAYS vote yes.

@DeSade-acolyte Have you even read any Red Hood comics? He’s definitely not a murderer. That would be like saying Captain America, Green Arrow and Iron Man are all murderers. Honestly I wouldn’t even all him an anti-hero, He’s just a hero. He’s a little violent but that doesn’t mean what he’s doing is wrong.(besides the fact that he’s a vigilante)