how I enjoyed the new comic Teen Titans Raven

I just recently got a hold of and finished Teen Titans Raven. And this particular comic book really dives in Ravens humanity with her origin story. I love how they tied Trigon’s freedom with Ravens emotions. Even more fascinating to find out that Raven has adopted family the sides of the Teen Titans. Using the whole amnesia the showcase Rachel’s hidden powers in the importance of controlling her emotions was amazing

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I like what I’ve read of it so far. It’s another winner for the Ink imprint.

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People liked it. That’s cool, guys.

It wasn’t for me.

It’s not the Raven I knew that enticed me to the character in the first place (e. g. The New Teen Titans, the 2003 TV series, Injustice, and even a few things to cherry pick from the New 52). This is basically Rogue from X-Men: Evolution with Harry Potter amongst muggles mixed in.

The predictable Social Misfit.

Seems to be a common trend for Raven’s depictions as of recently (e. g. Raven 2016, Raven: Daughter of Darkness, Titans 2018 TV Series) That’s basically why I felt to express my concern. Making her more emotive as opposed to the more driven and pragmatic direction I would like to see more of.

Not the worst thing in the world but I prefer prodigy Azarathian Monk and/or Trigon-raised Raven with more intellect, competence, and experience. Less of the lethargic and emotive teen angst depicted recently.

It just wasn’t for me. It was meant for the social media youth demographic. That is, that the focus was more on the Relatability factor as opposed to the unique and the aspirational approach to superheroes. Yeah, I’m in the more Mature side of the spectrum. I want more stories with Crunch. This wasn’t it. To each their own.