How Has the DC Multiverse Spilled Into IRL?

My experience is pretty common, I’m sure it’s happened to most of you.
You know those dreams where you’re flying around and you’re moving really slow?
Like most DC fans, I always imagine myself turning into The Blimp from the Inferior 5.
Anyone else have something more unusual?


The I5 is another favorite series.

How have comics spilled over into my “real life”? The oldest and most obvious example would be exposure to The World’s Greatest Detective (who wears a mask, anyway). I learned a great deal about deduction, logical thinking, and reading people through Batman’s exploits, and that’s all proven useful in my interactions with coworkers and sources.

But Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles opened my mind up to the possibilities inherent in chaos, irrationality, and metafiction. It’s also helped me understand how to operate this fiction suit I’m wearing.


@Metafictionist And a lovely fiction suit it is :grin:
I’m thinking of having mine tailored soon.

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