"How Does One Become a Community Hero?"

Every once in a while, you may have seen topics highlighting a random box of goodies people received in the mail that included a letter thanking them for being a “Community Hero”. We’ve seen a few requests from other community members asking how they, too, can be considered Community Heroes.

We absolutely value each and every person that visits the forums. We see many, many fans who are active and friendly contributors, and we are extremely grateful to all of them. We here at DC Universe work hard to maintain a fun, engaging environment for everyone to feel like they can relax and have a good time, and watching everyone hang out is its own reward for us.

But often, we see people in the community go above and beyond. Below are a just a few reasons some have been thanked for their contributions:

:heart:They start unique initiatives within the forums that give people a reason to come together and celebrate DC in unique, elevated ways.

:heart:They start external programs in their schools or personal communities that share the DC love.

:heart:They handled a challenging scenario on the forums with maturity, patience, compassion and good humor, and actively turned a negative situation into a positive one.

:heart:They have consistently and constructively offered help to other members, welcomed new members, and provided meaningful resources to those who ask.

:sparkles:From everyone on the DCU Team, thanks for celebrating your heroic DC fandom with us!:sparkles:

Because of how highly manual the process is, we are unfortunately only able to select a few people every couple months; so you better believe we have a waitlist of people we can’t wait to thank!


I would like to nominate JLWWSM, She’s such a kind person and I have seen some few post where she help people that needed help, I think she was the first to start a watch along Beside you Applejack, and she’s on here everyday. If she hasn’t been a community hero yet, then she should be nominated. :slightly_smiling_face:


JimRS3 is my vote… He always on here post as well as welcoming anyone that new to the app. Not only that he dude knows his comics more so than most on here I talked too.


@reagan JL! Already received it! But yes, I would recommend sending her one every month if I could!


@Reaganfan78 :heart: Thank you so much for the kind words and nomination. DCU has recognized me as a community hero, but thank you so much for your recognition, I was surprised and humbled. I would nominate you for your WALs and your fun threads, but I’m confident DCU has recognized you, or has you on their recognize-soon list. :blush:

Regarding the first community member hosted watch-along, the first one I recall seeing was after the first Titans watch-along. We had so much fun that @DavidBizzarr1000 (?) created a new thread for a watch-along almost immediately afterward. It was a long time ago, so I may have the wrong person. @DavidBizzarr1000 please feel free to correct me if this is incorrect.

@Nathan.Payson Thank you as well! And thanks for your amazing work Discord and fun posts!

I love DCU’s community. You all make this a great place to be! :pray:t4:


Your welcome, I have been a community hero last November, They gave me 6 cool comic graphic novels. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think that’s when I got mine as well!


As one of the Mods on this fast-growing Community, I, and my fellow Mods, are always so very grateful to our Community Heroes. You guys are always there to help us out in every way; from answering questions and greeting our new members with open, friendly arms to creating threads that go for weeks on end (like @TX85’s “What did you last eat” that has become more of a virtual meet-up of friends) – you guys are what makes this forum an actual Community. So, to all of our recognized, soon-to-be recognized, and future Community Heroes – Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! <3


I too am a fan of @JLWWSM. She’s the best!


Right? Not to flatter her, but she is so awesome!


Ok, I don’t know if this guy already has been a community Hero or not, if not then I nominate HubCityQuestion! He is a comic book expert and he made some of the threads really fun to visit! This guy really act like Question so well that I really believe he is Question. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was going to type the exact same thing. He showed up out of nowhere and created a bunch of fun post.


Absolute ditto on @HubCityQuestion
Friendly, fun, helpful, give the pal a cookie!


I think saying HubCityQuestion is an expert is an understatement. The guy know EVERYTHING!


HubCityQuestion has had some great post. If he hasn’t been a community hero, he definitely should be.


I’d nominate HubCityQuestion (Their Six Degrees post is probably one of my favorite things I’ve seen a community member do) or Redhood.55520 (I’ve been seeing them in pretty much every thread I read since the start of the service). I’m happy we get to nominate folks now, before it seemed to favor the people with enough time to dedicate themselves to the service, so I’m happy lesser known and more busy people get a chance.


The love and passion you guys show for each other amazes me. Bravo to each and every one of you. The DC Family is the most supportive family ever. <3


I think we know who’s getting a gift package soon…


@vroom is awesome


Oh shucks, guys. You’re making my blank face red. I’m no hero, just a man with more questions than sense.

But it’s really such an honor to have been accepted so quickly and openly by this community. I’m truly humbled by your support. Let’s all be heroes together.