How does "Doomsday Clock" fit in?

While I have only been reading comics for a few years, I have a fairly good understanding of what is part of the main DC continuity and what isn’t. But “Doomsday Clock” is throwing me off a little bit, partly because I’m waiting for it be released in one collection before reading it.

I understand that it’s a direct sequel to the OG “Watchmen” graphic novel. I also get that if you know the most important stuff that’s happening in the main universe (how “Flashpoint” happened, the button showing up in Batman’s cave, Superman’s father is alive and is serving a mysterious figure, etc.) then I would understand how “Doomsday Clock” came to be.

But how does it fit into the main continuity? Does it at All? Or is it more or less seperate? I know there are a lot of other events going on in the main continuity, so I guess I’m trying to understand how it works.

Also, if anyone can sum up anything I might have missed from “Flashpoint” to now that informs me more about the events of “Doomsday Clock”, that would be great.

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Supposedly the main comics would catch up to the beginning of Doomsday Clock by the release of the last issue of the series, but after the delays and everything I think they gave up on that.

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