How Does Booster Gold's Costume End Up In a Museum

Booster Gold is suppose to be the greatest hero you’ve never heard of. Which is true since many people in the 21st century don’t know who he is but that got me thinking. If nobody knows that booster is truly a hero, then how does the costume in up in the museum that Micheal works at in the 25th century. The museum is dedicated to the great heroes of the past but, based on what we know about Booster’s reputation to the public he wouldn’t be a famous or well known hero. So does that mean Booster eventually gets the praise he deserves or does Micheal retire as Booster Gold and whomever takes the name afterwards make it famous. Or is it one of those situations like with Flash and Reverse Flash where its just a loop.

If you have any theories on how the costume ends up in the museum, feel free to add.

With Booster Gold I always assume the same thing as I do with the Flash. “Some idiot broke the timeline”.


I’m not sure about any “New 52” updates, but originally, Booster cobbled together the suit from various sources at the museum including a Legion Flight Ring, Brainiac 5’s Force Field Belt (which is odd to find in the 25th Century as he was a 31st Century character), a suit that augmented his strength and wrist gauntlets that fired energy blasts. he also stole Rip Hunter’s Time Bubble to make the jump and the security robot Skeets as his partner/personal Google


@thedragonwerx.40004 Really I always assumed that the suit was on display at the museum and he just stole the suit along with some other things. Not that he created the suit from pieces of another suit.

I think, but don’t remember for sure, that the original suit may have even been his old football uniform. But i do know that the suit wasn’t originally from some forgotten “hero of the past”. Michael basically just Home Depoted it together from stuff around the museum. (was thedragonwerx.40004/changed my name to the one I use on all Social.)

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I seem to recall it the same way as JohnWComicsGuy. But it has been a long times since I read those comics, so the details are a bit hazy. As for the museum having 31st Century tech on display, it was from some Legion adventure into the past, where the tech was left behind. I am not, but I do not thing that the museum knew that it was 31st Century tech.

I have not seen any modern retakes on Booster Gold yet, so I have no idea what is origin story is now.


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To add to everyone else’s correct answers, the reason Brainiac 5’s stuff was there was because he specifically made sure they would be there when Booster was working, knowing Booster would steal them.

I always figured it was like a self-fulfilling prophecy