How does Batman make you brave?

Hi guys!

So this week marks the 80th anniversary bash for our favorite pointy-eared detective and (of course) the release of DETECTIVE COMICS #1000.

I think everyone can attest to the fact that Batman has been with us all our lives in one form or another. But this month, I wanted to dig deeper into the more emotional reasons for why he’s endured.

Scott Snyder once said that one of Batman’s most defining attributes is his ability to make us brave in the face of our greatest fears.

If you will allow me to get personal: this month has been a particularly rough time for me. My grandmother passed away less than two weeks ago and barely two days after, my dog (a beloved member of the family) was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure.

Both of these were one-two punches to the gut, but it was because of the lessons imparted by Batman in just about everything he’s been in (comics, TV, movies, video games, etc) that I’ve been able to handle these life-altering events with grace and strength.

So now, in celebration of the power in channeling the World’s Greatest Detective, I turn it over to you guys. It’s up to you as far as how personal you want to get, but I want to hear from you:

How does Batman make you brave?