How Do You Watch YOUR CW Arrowverse shows?

  • Live and in the Moment!
  • The CW APP - I want to make my own moments!
  • My DVR is my best friend!
  • I’m waiting for HBO Max!
  • Netflix-- that’s where the backlog is!
  • Darn it, Jim-- my VHS recorder still works!
  • I live on my desktop computer

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Sooo. I stopped watching the shows (except Legends) just because there were so many… but decided for Crisis I would start watching it all again. (It’s commercial time during Batwoman right now) So far watching all the shows live!


I do the app, myself.


Live & DVR mainly.


I’m using the Spectrum app – oddly enough I can’t get the channel there, but I can get it on-demand.

Like @spaccio1150, I stopped watching all the shows a season or two ago, but I’m jumping back in for Crisis.


I watch them live, but on the rare occasion when I miss one I catch up with my cable provider’s on demand option before the next episode airs.


I used to watch it live but do to work I stream it on the CW app.


I use spectrum app i use the cw app more

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On-air, DVR, the CW app and Netflix.


I don’t watch anything live anymore. I DVR everything. Usually do a Friday night marathon of three of the CW shows (Supergirl, Flash and Arrow) and finish with Titans. I stopped watching Legends last year because it just got too stupid for me. Supergirl will probably be the next one to go after the Crisis.


I just started using the CW app this season. I had kept forgetting about it and would get myself too behind. So I used to do a season at a time in Netflix. But now I watch the next morning when I get home from work. It’s awesome


I let them start and about 10-15 minutes in I’ll start watching on the DVR. This way I’m pretty much watching live and I get to skip commercials!


You’re DVR is definitely your best friend, then!

Normally by DVR… unfortunately I have a possessed DVR
that if I don’t use it for like a week and it just supposed to record …for no good reason it will suddenly just have a blackout, no video signal when I go to check my recordings , and no recordings for like half the time I left it sitting idle …and I have to reboot it and then it’ll start recording again like a good little DVR . I’ll end up missing recordings… so tonight I ended up watching Batwoman " free on demand", a day later live with the commercials…

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The CW App. Just realized I forgot to catch up on Arrow and Flash from last night.

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I watch on satellite whenever possible and the CW app when I need to catch something I missed.


DVR. The app has too many commercials.

I sometimes watch the Arrowverse shows live, but lately, most often, I catch them on the CW app. I have OnDemand as well, but the menu system changed recently, and things are harder to find now (since I have voice searching disabled), so the CW app is the easier choice.


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I use the App when it doesn’t crash.

I like the irreverence of Legends. It’s quirky, but it’s supposed to be. I really like how the tone of each show is different, and I dive right into that.