How do you use the DCU list feature?

How do you use the list feature?

I have fallen behind on my reading and I like to read week comic book as they came out, so my list are month and year that the comic came out. (From the start of rebirth) I also have list of older or tangent stories the peak my interest.

I love the list feature and it has been something I used from the start.

I would like to hear opinions on this feature. As I am we all have.


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I have 3 list. Read later, read comics, and might reads. I put everything I’m gonna read in read later and download it all then I work my way down the list reading a full arc and moving on to the next arc. After I read an issue I move it to read comics so I can keep track of everything I’ve read on dc Universe. Because there is a no bulk add function yet and it takes time to individually add and download to my list I use the read later list to put the first issue of an arc that I want to read later. So when I go through that list it reminds me to add those arcs and download them to my read later list.

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