How do you think the story ending of Aquaman 65 effect on the DC universe

SO how do you feel the Happy ending of Aquaman 65 will effect the DC universe as a whole?

I personally just bought it to see how their wedding would end after seeing the advertisement in the latest bat and cat books…given the events of batman number 50…I am hoping this book will set a new trend for the couples of DC with a happy slice of life family moments. Aquaman may be over for now but I doubt the book will stay gone forever once Aquaman II comes out.

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I don’t know if it will have a huge effect on the DCU as a whole. Same as Superman marrying Lois didn’t have much effect on other books. But it will definitely change Aquaman stories going forward.

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however ya, I will however admit I am a bit miffed it ended better than batman rebirth number 50, :unamused:

however i also recently learned in the golden age Bruce Wayne and 'Catwoman was engaged before Catwoman knew batman was Bruce Wayne and before Catwoman officially got her name set as Selina Kyle…then they later married when bruce reveals to Catwoman he is Batman. so I am hoping that there will be a second successful marriage down the road if thy are not already married…cant help it i am a gigantic batcat shipper.

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Knowing DC, they will be divorced before a new Aquaman series starts. And the new series will be all based in their legal battle over who gets the Atlantean dishes. Then a horrible disfigurement for one of the characters and a close ally butchered. Then we find out the divorce lawyer is Satan (no shock) and he stole the baby AND the dishes. Then more horrible stuff. Then a DC reboot about restoring hope. And then MORE horrible stuff.
But that’s just my guess based on DC’s track record.


…or mera loses her hand this time instead of aquaman.

Don’t forget, this is DC so she will lose both hands.

more like she will lose her legs.

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