How do you read?

There is an excellent thread about print vs digital comics that has left me thinking more about this topic. Peeling another layer off I realized since I have been reading comics on the DC Universe app/website I binge-read titles. When I was getting print titles on a regular basis I would read whatever I bought on Wednesday. My question is do you find yourself binging titles more when reading comics via DC Universe?

I’m binging on the app on my phone. But honestly, that’s only because it’s so hard to read them in chronological order. Back in the day, I’d make a stack of 50 comics in published order and read them, top to bottom. It’s fun to put yourself back in the role of a first time reader. I’d find stuff in the letter columns and the house ads that I missed on my first read.
Of course, we don’t have house ads or letter columns, but I’d still like the ability to make and share reading lists.

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I binge read titles on here. It is the easiest way to keep track of where I am.

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I have been making a list of the comics I have read so I know where I left off. However, you can also make a list for a crossover that does not already have a Storyline. When you are making a list you can reorganize the comics. I use Comic Book Reading Order to help out with the reading order. Be warned, this is a rabbit hole of fun. However, do this allows me to binge bigger storylines.